5 Simple Tips to Stay Active All Day Long

When life gets hectic, our health is one of the first areas to suffer. It’s easy to make a resolution to get fit but staying active in all seasons can be a challenge. Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s important to move often. Here are some simple ways to stay active throughout the day.

Sleep for 6-8 hours every day

It is the perfect and natural way to recharge yourself from head to toe. Keep all your works aside, listen to soft music and hit the bed at the right hour. Set your alarm just a little earlier and take time to wake up with some morning yoga or a quick workout.

Do not skip breakfast

It is recommended to not skip your breakfast which is the important source of energy and keeps you active all day long. If you skip your breakfast, then naturally you’re going to feel tardy and lazy.

Walk more

When it comes to staying fit and active without gym, walking is one of the easiest, most convenient activities you can do. To burn calories, all you have to do is walk faster and devote more time to each walk. Walking more does have added value, especially when you walk briskly for a longer duration, up hills, or use your arms for more than just a comfortable gait and swing them with your body.

Groove your body 

A coffee shop or bar is often where friends catch up. Instead of a sedentary get-together, why not switch to an activity that burns calories, like walking, dancing or a Zumba class. Look for someplace with good music and get out on the dance floor. You’ll twist and turn, torch calories and tone your abs without even feeling like you’re working out.

Exercise your mind

Staying fit and active does not only refer to your body but also your mind. Excess stress can lead to weight gain and other serious health conditions. Take out some time in a day to clear your head as it will help to reduce your stress levels. Find a quiet space and take 5 to 15 minutes in the morning and evening to close your eyes, clear your thought and breathe deeply.

Whatever steps you choose to stay fit and active, make it fun. If you plan going to the park or for a picnic, throw around a Frisbee or play some other games which keep you happy and active. Keeping one self-active helps you reduce stress level and produces happy hormones.

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