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How to deal with the atmosphere of uncertainty & helplessness?

Under the present circumstances, due to the absence of any specific medication to treat COVID 19 infected cases, a sense of helplessness and fear is prevailing in the atmosphere. This has given rise to unprecedented doubts and uncertainties in the mind.

Prevention seems to be our best resort, but unfortunately, the understanding of prevention is restricted only to the level of washing hands, sanitizing hands, wearing masks, social distancing and remaining indoors. Although all the points mentioned above must be followed and no one should demean the importance of any one of them. But it will be useful to think beyond just these points. 

We should look at the available facts, that despite non-availability of any medicine for COVID 19 a large percentage of infected people do get cured and as per the available data only those whose immunity is severely compromised unfortunately pass away. This gives us a point of hope that there is something which helps people to come out of the viral infection and that something is the wonderful gift of mother nature- our robust and intelligent immune system. It becomes our defence mechanism and self-repair mechanism. 

In simple language, a mild source of infection attacks only those with compromised immunity.  The ones with a high level of immunity get infected only by a stronger source. This is how the mechanism works. After the infection progresses, the defence mechanism develops an appropriate response for the virus. But, it takes a few days to build the response and take action in eliminating the virus.

The response time depends upon the immunity of the infected person. If the immunity of the person is strong, then he or she can survive and come out of the infection faster, with minimum damage to various organs. If it is somewhat less, it may take a longer time, which would also involve higher levels of damages. If the same is severely compromised, then he or she may not be able to survive. 

Therefore it is essential that we also focus on improving our immune system and defence mechanism. For this, Maharishi Ayurveda has a whole list of recommendations, which include diet, daily routine, various Rasayanas, medicines, mental technique, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, and so on. The very basis of treatment of Maharishi Ayurveda is focusing on the individual rather than on disease. This way, the immune system, defence mechanism and self-repair mechanism get strengthened and appropriately take care of the disease condition leading to cure.


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22 May, 2020


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