Maharishi Ayurveda Amrit Kalash Sugar Free | Super Rasayana for Perfect Health | Restores Innate Immunity | Helps Preserve Youthfulness | Helps Heart Health | Daily Health & Longevity | Ideal for Diabetics | 60 Nectar & 60 Ambrosia Tablets


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  • The core fundamental of Ayurveda is to create a balance between mind and body. If we create a balance between Sama Dosha, Sama Agni, Sama Dhatu, Mala Kriya & Indriya, the body will remain healthy. Maharishi Amrit Kalash strives to create this balance by balancing the doshas thereby reducing Ama (toxins) responsible for all health issues and helps produce Ojas (essence of vitality) thereby strengthening the body and ensuring perfect health, the determinants of which are:

    Heightened Innate Immunity

    Improved Heart Health

    Delay In Premature Ageing

    De-stresses & Rejuvenates

    Improved Cognitive Abilities

    Heightened Alertness

    Energizes & Restores Vitality 








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