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Pavitra Hand Sanitizer ( 1 Pack - 200 ML)

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  • Stay safe on-the-go with Maharishi Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer. Its alcohol-based formula kills 99.9% of germs instantly, without using soap or water, and protects you and your family from illness-causing bacteria and infections. It is non-sticky and safe for your hands and leaves them feeling soft and pampered. Your hands touch a lot of surfaces every day, which can unintentionally spread illness-causing germs, making you and those around you sick. Pavitra Hand Sanitizer ensures proper hand hygiene habits for you and your family and can act as the first line of defense against germs.

    How does Sanitizer work?

    Apply a dime-sized quantity on your palms, spread evenly across both palms and fingers, and rub gently until dry. Use it anytime, anywhere - at your home, car, office, travel, before your meals, or while playing sports.

    Why Pavitra Hand Sanitizer?


      Maharishi Ayurveda Instant Organic Hand Sanitizer is a 70% Ethyl Alcohol-based palm cleanser that removes germs from your hand to keep you safe from all kinds of infection-causing possibilities whether you're indoors and outdoor!


      Whether you're at home or on the job, the alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer can be used anywhere you want. Ideal for hospitals, schools, gyms, and more. Includes a convenient flip-cap to protect your items from leaks, spills, or drops.


      You don't have to keep water, soap, or anything else to disinfect your hand, as it does not need any rinsing with water or drying with towels. Moreover, the offered natural hand sanitizer is free from any ingredient that may irritate your hands.


    Take out an appropriate amount (2-3ml) to moisten your palm and rub for 10-15 seconds front back to front and in-between your fingers until the liquid covers your hands and dries. Do not wash with water.


    Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, wash your eyes thoroughly with water. Keep away from direct sunlight and open flame. Keep away from fire immediately after use.

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