Maharishi Ayurveda has been awarded with umpteen laurels and glories in formulating the most researched medicines. Our medicines are the impeccable amalgamation of knowledge from the ancient texts of Ayurveda, expertise and modern researches. We focus on treating health ailments from their root cause with the help of age-old yet proven ingredients.

Our medicinal solutions include Glucomap, Cardimap, Lipomap, Livomap  Tablets, Livomap  Syrup (100 ml), Livomap  Syrup (200 ml), Ambimap, Asthomap, Brahmi Vati and Leucomap. These medicines have been long hailed globally for their efficacy and disease combating abilities.

Blissful Sleep - For Sleep Management (60 tabs) from ₹699 ₹3,750
worry free maharishi ayurveda
Worry Free from ₹625 ₹2,500
Organic Vata Tea - 15 tea bags ₹88 ₹175
Lipomap - Reduces cholesterol levels naturally from ₹280 ₹560
Dizomap - For Healthy Digestion I 60 tablets Pack ₹179 ₹180
Cardimap - Ayurvedic Solution for Hypertention, Stress & Anxiety I 60 Tablets Pack from ₹300 ₹600
Livomap Syrup - For Liver Health I (200 ml) from ₹169 ₹320
Haritaki Churna (50gms) ₹72
Dashmooljirkadhyarishta (450ml) ₹230