Frequently Asked Questions

Focusing on one or two imbalances at a time is best. Start with those imbalances that bother you the most. Sometimes, you may find that in clearing those up, some secondary imbalances get addressed as well.

In Maharishi Ayurveda, we consider symptoms to be like the fruits of a tree. In most cases, there is a common root. There are primary and secondary imbalances. Ayurveda tries to address the primary imbalance first. Treating the secondary imbalances might bring relief, but that is only partial treatment.

To take the guesswork out of the problem, see a Maharishi Ayurveda expert (vaidya) who can determine the root cause of the problem, and address all of your symptoms.

Once you consult an ayurvedic expert, he or she can explain which foods and lifestyle habits are causing your imbalance. By knowing the cause, you can avoid the cause. Avoiding the causal factor itself is half of the solution.

As part of your consultation with an ayurvedic expert, you’ll receive recommendations that are designed for your body type, imbalances, and age—and which take into account the current season and even the time of day. If you can follow the recommended diet and daily routine, and at the same time avoid the underlying causal factors (i.e. foods and lifestyle habits that aggravate your condition), over time, balance will be restored. When your mind, body and emotions are functioning in balance, you will have no need for herbal formulas!

Digestion is also a key factor in restoring balance and strengthening immunity. Thus in most cases, the ayurvedic expert will make recommendations for strengthening digestion. Once these functions are restored, the body begins to function in a more balanced way.

It might be tempting to take all products at once to get rid of your problem quickly. However, you shouldn't take more than two products that address the same, related issues without first consulting an ayurvedic expert. Product by Maharishi Ayurveda formulas are designed to take care of several aspects of the same condition, so taking more will not necessarily increase their effectiveness.

As far as dosage (i.e. the number of tablets to take at a time), you can follow the recommendations on the bottle. According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the dosage needed to correct an imbalance depends on the strength of the patient and the severity of the condition. This is best evaluated by an expert trained in Maharishi Ayurveda.

You can follow the instructions on the bottle. But there is some flexibility—if those times don’t work for you, take them at your convenience. The main point is to take the herbal formulas regularly—for that is how the results come.

All of our products are vegetarian.

Ayurvedic experts (vaidyas) generally feel that such classical rasayanas are safe in these circumstances, and there is a long history of use. All our products are made from whole plant parts, not synthetic concentrates, and as such do not have known side effects. But, we adhere to modern standards. Unless you have consulted with your physician first, and they recommend it, we do not recommend taking these or any herbal product while pregnant or lactating.