#GoConquer Combo

For many women in today’s era, it is difficult to find a moment to breathe.  Family, work, social life, all often make her wellbeing go neglected. A healthy and active women ensure health of her entire family. Women are conscious about being healthy, but more often than not the health is ignored. To make sure her overall health is not compromised, Maharishi Ayurveda presents #GoConquer Combo, an exclusive range of women wellness products. These products are well-researched, clinically proven and formulated with time-tested herbs to ensure you stay healthy and beautiful naturally. So, what are you waiting for? #GOConquer your dreams and embrace wellness for life.

RAKTDA - maintains hemoglobin levels naturally, boosts energy and restores skin & hair health.

Be Trim Tea – aids weight management and help bid adieu to extra calories.

Restone - regularizes menstrual cycle, helps in mood swings and relieves pain and cramps.

Neem Soap - minimizes pores, controls oil secretion and wards-off stubborn pimple marks.