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Raktda - Iron Management well-balanced combination of calcinated iron (Dual Pack)

Do you challenge yourself to achieve more, but often feel limited by your physical ability? Ayurveda is the science of life & longevity that recognises the importance of having adequate iron-levels for good health, especially for women. Iron-deficiency could lead to fatigue, headaches, dizziness, damaged hair and skin, heart palpitations etc. These problems can often deprive oneself to maintain a healthy work-life balance and achieve their dreams. Maharishi Ayurveda brings you Raktda, a solution that focuses on preserving haemoglobin levels and improving energy levels naturally. It helps in providing the blood the strength of Iron.

Why is Raktda unique?
Raktda is a well-balanced combination of calcinated iron (mandur bhasma and kant lauh bhasma), processed calcium (Praval Pishti & Muktashukti Pishti), micro-nutrients, minerals (Shudh Shilajit) and herbs. They work together with the body’s innate intelligence to enhance its ability to absorb iron naturally from food. Raktda also provides Calcium & Vitamin.C in addition to iron. It maintains iron levels in the blood naturally, without any side effects.

Iron in the body is necessary to boost energy, maintain iron levels and reduce water retention.

Raktda can work to:
• Provide strength to draw the most out of life, by eliminating Fatigue and Tiredness 

  • Help in  Iron deficiency, Calcium deficiency & Anaemia
  • Help enhance Immunity
  • Provide Energy
  • Help improve skin and hair health.

Directions of use:
2 tablets twice a day with water, milk or honey or as directed by the physician

Contains Iron Bhasma in micronized particles which enhances the body‘s ability to absorb iron naturally from your diet without any side effects.

Enriched with Vitamin C which enables better iron absorption by the body.

Consists of synergistic herbs which are effective and well-balanced.

100% natural iron supplement.


    How RAKTDA makes you healthy from within?

    Modern medicine recognized the importance of iron and calcium and micro nutrients in different minerals during last few decades, but ayurveda knew since thousand of years. Ayurveda also had specific knowledge about the difficulties in using mettalic iron and associated side-effects. Therefore, ancient healers developed methods of calcination of iron called Bhasmas, to make it absorbable in the system without causing any side effects. In RAKTDA we have selected two bhasmas - mandur bhasma and kant lauh bhasma. These are processed multiple times to ensure complete calcification which makes it fully absorbable.

    Calcium taken from mineral source can cause various side effects such as calcification in various organs (like kidney stone, etc.), in Raktda very soft form of calcium has been taken and further processed to enable it to get absorbed in the system without causing any problem of calcification.

    Masters of ayurveda also knew the importance of micro nutrients and minerals and hence recommended the use of Shudh Shilajit a very rich source of minerals and micro nutrients.In Raktda this Shudh Shilajit has been used in purified form after going through rigorous purification process.

    Several herbs like guduchi in sattva form, amalaki, bela, tez patra, launga, naag kesar, khajur, draksha, drishti madhu, Chhoti pippali help the physiology to re-enliven the entire haemoeoeitic organs to enable it to absorb iron, calcium and other minerals. Raktda is a very balanced combination of calcinated iron, processed calcium, micro-nutrients ,minerals and herbs which help re-enlivining the system to enable it to absorb required iron, calcium and micro nutrients from the normal food intake.

    Raktda therefore does not make the body dependent on external intake of iron calcium etc. It strengthens and enhances the body’s intelligence to start absorbing the required quantity after sometime.

    Raktda is a valuable formulation for :

    1. Iron deficiency Calcium Deficiency Fatigue & tiredness Low Immunity Anaemia.

    2. Raktda to help you live an Uncompromised life . Healthy & Beautiful inside Out.

    Dosage: 2 Tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.

    Packaging: Two Bottles each contains 60 tablets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is Raktda suitable during pregnancy? 

    Iron is administered during pregnancy. We would always recommend administering any medicine basis a doctor.

    2. Are there any side effects of Raktda?

    Raktda being an Ayurveda supplement has no adverse effects. It natural and without any side effects.

    3. How is this better than other Iron supplements available in the market?

    With synergistic herbs used, each herb is effective and balances each other very well. The combination of Iron, calcium , Viatmic C and Minerals in the micronized form enhances iron absorption by the body naturally and has no side effects.

    4. How to take Raktda?

    2 Tablets twice a day  with water ,milk or honey or as directed by the physician.

    5. What is unique about this iron supplement?

    Raktda has a balanced combination of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C , Minerals and herbs, that enhances and helps the body  in better and fast absorption of iron. It boosts energy , maintains iron levels and helps in reducing water retention and improve skin glow.

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