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Vigoroyal M

Vigoroyal M is an Ayurvedic Vitalizer for Men that promotes Strength, Stamina, Vigor, and Reduces Stress. The formulation is a potent Rasayana prepared using precious and time-tested herbs known to boost male stamina.


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Why take Vigoroyal M?

How does It work?

Vigoroyal M

  • 23 Herbs and Ingredients
  • Increases Balya, Brumhana and Vrishya
  • Manages Stress
  • Increases Vigor and Vitality

Super Ingredients

Ashwagandha, Satavari,Pure Shilajeet,Javitri, Sonth, Yastimadhu, Nagkesar, Dalchini, Safed Musali, Safed Chandan, Chhoti Elaichi, Dhatri Lauh, Abhrak Bhasm, Kakra Shringi etc

How to use it?




" The herbs used in this formulation are chosen judiciously to build male stamina. Vigoroyal M is a time tested Rasayana which is completely safe and has no side effects. It is those who look for only the best."

Let’s clear your Doubts

Vigoroyal M is a natural formulation made from 23 powerful herbs and ingredients that supports the psychological and physiological needs of the Male body. This is the best ayurvedic medicine for stamina for men and supports their overall health.
Yes, Vigoroyal M is 100% natural and has no side effects. We recommend you to take it for a minimum period of 3 months to see considerable changes in your body. So, you can take it for a longer period without fear of any side effects.