Muscle & Joint

Joint pain has become a common issue with many today, more with the older generation. Discomfort and stiffness in joints are the result of either poor circulation that happens due to dry connective tissues and lack of nutrients needed to maintain good mobility or it can be because of too much of toxin build-up in the joints. Maharishi Ayurveda presents Pirant Oil and Tablets, a quintessential herbal formula that provides nourishment to bones and joints and supports the bone tissue.

Pirant Tablets ₹. 125.00 ₹. 160.00 ₹. 125.00 ₹. 160.00
Pirant Oil ₹. 160.00 ₹. 160.00
Pirant Tablets - ayurvedic medicine for joint pain ₹. 125.00 ₹. 160.00 ₹. 125.00 ₹. 160.00