An All-rounder toothpaste that meets all your family's dental needs, now in a larger family-sized pack

Ayurdent Family Pack for Complete Oral Care

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Discover Ayurdent Classic, the authentic Ayurvedic toothpaste designed for holistic family dental care. This gentle yet powerful toothpaste is free from harsh chemicals like SLS, foaming agents, whiteners, fluoride, and artificial sweeteners, making it suitable for all ages in your family, from children to grandparents. Infused with a blend of potent herbs, Ayurdent Classic ensures excellent oral hygiene. Its herbal formula effectively combats bacteria, controls plaque and tartar, prevents gum bleeding, and promotes whiter and stronger teeth. Plus, here's an exclusive offer: Buy 3 Ayurdent Classic toothpastes, and you'll receive one absolutely free! Incorporate Ayurdent Classic into your family's daily oral care routine and enjoy the benefits of holistic dental wellness for everyone in your household.




  • 3+1


Fights tooth decay

Effectively Controls Cavity and Plaque

Whitens Teeth

Eliminates Harmful Germs

100% Herbal

SLS Free

Fluoride Free


Avail 10% off on orders above ₹ 1,199 (Use code: HEALTH)


Use it as you would use your regular toothpaste. It is also recommended to breathe from the mouth while brushing as it encourages freshness to spread around the mouth and throat.

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Avail 10% Off on orders above ₹ 1,199. Use Code: HEALTH + Additional 5% Off on Prepaid Order