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dosha is

The Vata Dosha Can Be Easily Unbalanced, Even For Those Whose Vata Ratio Is Low.

Vata is responsible for all movements, breathing, mass transfer and all excretions. It controls your heartbeat and nerve impulses. Those with a dominant Vata have a light bone structure and a low weight. They find it difficult to gain weight, have an irregular appetite, are sensitive to noise and have acute reactions to sounds. As those with a dominant Vata become cold very easily, they feel comfortable in the heat and like to eat and drink hot dishes and drinks. They are flexible, enthusiastic, imaginative and talkative. If their Vata becomes unbalanced, this often results in nervousness, anxiousness, worry and trouble sleeping. Dry skin, constipation and cold hands and feet can also indicate a disturbed Vata.

Vata features

Fast & flexible

If you are one of those Vata types who likes to be on the go, this should come as no surprise as Vata stands for movement both at a physical and spiritual level. Vata types are therefore often admired by the people around them for their ideas, eloquence, creativity and ease. People with a Vata constitution enjoy talking quickly and frequently and have an excellent flair for choosing the right words.

Physical build –
delicate & slender

In line with their association with the air and space elements, Vata types are generally delicately built and correspondingly light. They may be tall and slim but may also be small and dainty. They often have fine face features, small lively eyes and fairly thin lips. Their blood vessels and tendons are clearly visible, particularly on their hands.

Skin & hair-
fine & dry

Vata types tend to have dry skin, which benefits from extra-rich treatment. Their hair tends to be quite thin and dry.

Metabolism & digestion

Vata types usually have a variable Agni (digestive fire). Their appetite fluctuates accordingly. Other people often envy the fact that they hardly ever gain weight even when they eat more. People with a pronounced Vata dosha can be prone to bloating if they drink too much water or are under stress.

Lovers of warmth
and gentle tones

Vata types have a strong sense of hearing and touch. They are therefore highly sensitive to loud noises and sounds in their environment. Because they feel easily cold, Vata people love warmth. This includes warm summer days as well as warm food and hot drinks.

Lively spirit –
active enthusiasm

Vata types are generally blessed with an alert and quick mind and great enthusiasm. They learn very quickly and have an excellent short-term memory, whilst things from the distant past tend to fade away rapidly. Vata also endows them with a high degree of flexibility, liveliness, sensitivity and a great deal of imagination.




Excess Vata can lead to anxiety, nervousness and restlessness, which prevent Vata types from falling asleep easily at night or disrupt their concentration during the day. Vata types are not particularly resilient and do not deal well with stress.

Representing the element of movement, Vata is connected to our nervous system, our breathing, circulation, our muscles and joints and excretion. On a physical level, excess Vata can therefore manifest as headaches or back aches, restlessness or constipation. Cold hands and feet also indicate a Vata disturbance.


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