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Asthomap - For Asthma & Respiratory Relief (60 tablets Pack)

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Asthomap is an Ayurvedic remedy for Asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. The natural herbs and ingredients help to improve the respiratory immunity of a person thereby decreasing the onset of frequent asthma attacks


  • 60 Tabs

Benefits of Asthomap


Reduces Asthma Attacks Naturally.
Raises the body's immunity to respiratory ailments.
No steroids and is safe for long term use.
Reduces Hypersensitivity to allergens.
Improves digestion.
Helps tone up the respiratory mucosal lining and dilates bronchioles.
Can be taken as adjuvant therapy for chronic cough.
Effective in Bronchial asthma, chronic Bronchitis, pulmonary eosinophilia.
Also helpful for Emphysema, Bronchial and Respiratory

    1-2 tablets twice a day with water after meals or as advised by the physician