Digestive Care Therapy

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Ayurveda says that your gut health has a bearing on your overall well-being. The secret to healthy digestion is proper and balanced digestive fire. The strength and health of our digestive fire are largely impacted by our lifestyle and the type, quality, and temperature of the food we eat. Cold foods and drinks, wrong food combinations, processed foods, and meats can lead to Ama (undigested food and toxins) that get stored in the digestive tract. As a result, individuals struggle with either sluggish, irregular, or overactive Agni. This further causes difficult bowel movements, acidity, pain, emotional disturbances, and several other diseases. However, balancing your digestive fire doesn’t need to be difficult. Maharishi Ayurveda Digestive Care Combo works on the root cause of digestive issues resulting in balanced Agni.


  • Amlant - Reduces acidity and controls its reoccurrence
  • Dizomap - Maintains digestive health
  • Triphala - Detoxifies the body


  • 60Amlant Tablets
  • 60Dizomap Tablets
  • 60Triphala Tablets

Natural acid balancer


Natural remedy for indigestion and constipation

Free from side effects