Amrit Kalash Sugar Free Dual pack- Ideal for Diabetics

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Crafted by the masters of Ayurveda based on 5000 years of wisdom, the world's most researched super Rasayana known to man, 'Maharishi Amrit Kalash' works at a fundamental level to restore the balance of mind, body, and soul to ensure perfect health.


  • 60  TABLETS
  • 60  TABLETS


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Enriched With 50

250 Steps
Of Preparation

80 Researches
Done Globally

1000X More Effective
Than Vitamin C & E


Boosts Innate Immunity

Prevents Premature Ageing

Improves Heart Health

Energizes & Restores Vitality

Enhances Mental Alertness Awareness

De-Stresses & Rejuvenates

Safe For People With Diabetes

Take 1 nectar tablet with lukewarm milk or water on an empty stomach. Wait for half an hour and take 1 ambrosia tablet with lukewarm water or milk. Follow this dosage in the morning and evening. Each formulation contains different herbs, so, for the full health benefits, it’s ideal to use both. Try it for a month and notice the difference!

How It's Made & How It Works, Synergistic Action Of 50 Herbs

An ancient formula made and preserved over the years, enriched with the knowledge of Ayurveda, and suited perfectly to these modern times because of its potency and benefits. The sugar-free version of Amrit Kalash is a Super Rasayana that is based on 5000-year-old Ayurvedic wisdom. It is enriched with 50 time-tested herbs and ingredients. This Super Rasayana is made with utmost care to protect the nutritional values of each ingredient so that you get the maximum health benefits from every serving of Amrit Kalash.

Key Highlights





As stress associated with current lifestyle began to impact the wellbeing of people, there was the need for an Ayurvedic proposition confirming to modern lifestyle that would serve as an answer to all the problems. That’s when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation, summoned the most eminent ayurvedic scholars of the time to see what could be done to alleviate people’s sufferings. The 3 doyens of Ayurveda came together and with their teams of Ayurvedic scholars, physicians & scientists of the time and created a Super Rasayana, Maharishi Ayurveda Amrit Kalash which represented the essence of supreme knowledge derived from ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Dr. V.K. Dwivedi

Renowned as the world's foremost authority in Rasayan, specializing in health promotion and longevity. As the Chancellor of Maharishi Vedic University in Washington DC, USA, he has made significant contributions to the field.

Dr. B.D. Triguna

Holds the esteemed title of Ayurveda Martand and serves as a member of the Indian Council for Research in Ayurveda under the Government of India. He also holds the positions of President of the All India Ayurveda Congress and Chancellor of Maharishi Vedic University in Europe.

Dr. Balaraj Maharishi

A distinguished Ayurvedic advisor to the government of Andhra Pradesh, India. His expertise lies in Dravyaguna, the identification, and utilization of medicinal plants. He is recognized worldwide for his extensive knowledge and contributions in this field.




  • Prepared using 250 intricate steps Maharishi Amrit Kalash is enriched with 50 time tested herbs & ingredients.
  • This Super Rasayana is made with utmost care to protect the nutritional values of each ingredient so that you get the maximum health benefits from every serving of Amrit Kalash.
  • The 50 time tested herbs that go into making Amrit Kalash, include rare medicinal plants form the Himalayan mountainsides.
  • We at Maharishi Ayurveda have over 3000 trained experts.





The Sugar-free version of Amrit Kalash is a two-part formula that includes Ambrosia Tablets and Nectar tablets.

Amrit Kalash Nectar tablets improve the responsiveness of White Blood Cells (WBCs) & T-cells(a type of WBCs), which means not only do they protect but also attack bacteria & viruses, thereby helping boost immunity.

Amrit Kalash Ambrosia helps with cell repair and energizes the body, speeding up the healing mechanism.

Amrit Kalash helps restore inner balance and works when needed the most so that you fall sick lesser. This two-part formulation also works as:

A Super Antioxidant Formulation for Delayed And Graceful Ageing

- Contains significant quantities of antioxidants. The antioxidant capacity of 20 gms of this formulation is much higher than that provided by 500 gms of oranges

- Boosts SOD (an enzyme in the body that plays a key role in slowing the ageing process) by up to 200% and improves its function

- Prevents brain ageing. It helps improve mental alertness and clarity, memory, and psychological well-being

- Reduces inflammation, the main cause of ageing and diseases

A Powerful Immunity Booster

- Improves the function of white blood cells that help your body's immune system fight against infections

- Improves the functioning of macrophages (cells that attack bacteria/viruses)

- Enhances the body's resistance to infections and diseases, which means lesser colds, coughs, seasonal allergies, and sicknesses than before

A Potent Ayurvedic Formula To Protect Heart Health

- Supports heart health by reducing clogging of arteries and keeps them clear

- Builds up exercise tolerance, which means it increases the ability of the heart to perform activities that involve strenuous body movements

A Perfect Stress Reliever & Rejuvenator for Today’s Individuals

- Helps decrease free radical generation in the brain, which in turn alleviates stress and supports optimal cognitive function. This allows individuals to unlock and utilize their full mental potential.

A Powerful Formula That Boosts Mental Potential & Overall Health

- Enhances all three mental abilities – Dhi (learning), Dhriti(retention) and Smriti (recall)

- Combats mental stress and enhances mental balance

- Enhances strength and vitality of the mind


It is the most researched Ayurvedic proprietary rasayana in the World. It is extensively researched and clinically tested & proven in the areas of Immunity, Cardiovascular health, Cancer, Antiageing (Antioxidant), Cognitive Skills, and General Health in renowned institutions across the globe.

Reasearch Institute

  • University of Caifornia- USA
  • Ohio State University- USA
  • Niwa Institute of Immunology- Japan
  • All India Institute of Medical Science -New Delhi

Don’t Know Your Dosha Yet?

Let’s find out with a quiz


According to Ayurveda, there are three main metabolic body types (physiologies), that form the basic framework of a person.

These are the essential forces behind an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional makeup. It is imperative to map your needs to your dosha type to get the best results. There are three basic doshas every individual inherits either a combination or any one of these doshas.

  • Vata Dosha

  • Pitta Dosha

  • Kapha Dosha


Take Dosha test and get ₹ 250 Credited to your Shatayu club wallet.


Our History & Legacy

In 1959, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi embarked on a global quest to spread knowledge regarding a beautiful meditation technique known as Transcendental Meditation®. The main goal was to help people live stress-free life and experience inner peace in times of modern-day turmoil.

A journey that started with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji’s work on improving mental health by Transcendental Meditation technique soon progressed into the world of Holistic Health. To bring all aspects of health into balance, Maharishi Ji handed over this responsibility to Late Shri Anand Shrivastava, who laid the foundation of Maharishi Ayurveda.


Find Out The Root Cause Of Your Problems

As per Ayurveda, no two individuals are alike. Maharishi Ayurveda offers personalised treatment for each individual at all touch-points. Consult our expert Vaidyas to get root cause-based personalised treatment from the comfort of your home


Recommended for the Vata Aggravated


Can I take it if I have diabetes?

Will this formulation interact with any other drugs or supplements? Can it reduce the effectiveness of any medicines?

How it is different from Chawanprash?

Is this supplement safe for my child to take?

Is it okay to consume Amrit Kalash in summer?

Why is Amrit Kalash a two-part formula?

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Venugopalarao Valaboju

Amrit Kalash Sugar Free Dual pack- Ideal for Diabetics

Salman Haider
Medicine is good easy to use and no chemical used

Just started the medicine as advised , effect will update once get at least 30 days.

Raja Ramana Rao

Amrit Kalash Sugar Free Dual pack- Ideal for Diabetics



Tushar Bandal

Amrit Kalash Sugar Free Dual pack- Ideal for Diabetics