Organic Kapha Tea For Kapha Balance

Organic Kapha Tea - 15 tea bags.

₹ 208

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Revitalize yourself with a refreshing cup of Kapha Tea. Prepared with ginger and other aromatic spices, this tea jogs your mind and body instantly. The preparation is based on age-old Ayurvedic principles and is specially blended to balance Kapha Dosha, one of the three primal metabolic regulatory forces. This reviving drink is good to have in cold weather, spring or monsoon.


  • 15 Tea Bags

Benefits of Organic Kapha Tea

  • Jogs mind and body instantly

    Helps balance Kapha dosha

Use as a regular tea bag. The all natural and caffeine free tea bag should be dipped in hot/lukewarm water till the desired concentration is achieved.