Swadisht Virechan Churna | 50 gms Pack

Maharishi Ayurveda

  • Swadishta Virechan churn is a classical medicine preparation made as per texts of (Rasatantra Sara Va Siddha Sangraha Prayoga)

    This product is for use as a laxative. Swasdishta virechan churna also helps in detoxification of the body

    Mode of action:

    The different herbs in the products act to give a synergistic effect.

    • Sanay leaves contain sennosides alkaloids. Sennosides irritates the bowel linings, stimulates the bowel muscles & induce laxation. All other ingredients in swadishta virechan churna are to balance the effects of sanay leaves.
    • Mulethi soothes the lining of the elementary canal & reduce the after-effects of sanay leaves.
    • Fennel reduces cramps induce by sanay leaves.
    • Sudha gandhak also have laxative action, in skin diseases, shudha gandhak also plays a role in reducing itching & burning sensation.

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