Amlant - For Acidity & Gas Relief | 60 tablets Pack

Get natural relief from Acidity, Heartburn, Gastritis, Acid- reflux, Gastric Ulcers, and Indigestion. Amlant is the best ayurvedic remedy for Acidity as it restores stomach acid-balance naturally and relieves discomfort and pain.


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Why take Amlant?

How does It work?


  • Rectifies Pitta Imbalance
  • Balances the Stomach pH
  • Relieves Acidity, Bloating, and Nausea

Super Ingredients

  • Amla & Methi - Balances Doshas and regulates acid
  • Sunthi - stimulates gastric enzymes and promotes digestion
  • Haritaki - Reduces acidity and prevents peptic and gastric uclear
  • Vaidang - Helps in indigestion and prevents constipation
  • Vibhitaki, Lawang, Pippli, Sarjika, Parpati, Amlaki and Mulethi Naga Mustaka, Mishri, etc

Who Should Take it?

How to use it?




" With erratic lifestyle and poor eating habits, many people consult me for common digestion problems like heartburn, chronic acidity, hyperacidity, bloating, etc. I recommend Amlant as it naturally balances stomach acid and works on the root cause to provide long-term relief. "

Let’s clear your Doubts

Amlant balances the Pitta dosha. It an ayurvedic medicine for hyperacidity, heartburn, acidity, and ulcers.
Maharishi Ayurveda’s Amlant helps in restoring the pitta balance because of which there will be no rebound effect and the overproduction of acid in the stomach will be stopped. Amlant, therefore, is highly effective in providing sustained relief from chronic acidity.
In the case of an Ulcer, you must take two tablets twice a day before meals.
For the issue of acidity, hyperacidity, and heartburn, you can take 2 tablets twice a day after meals.
We have not seen any side effects for the past 36 years. But idiosyncratic effects vary from person to person.
It depends on the causative factors mainly diet and stress formation. But we recommend taking it for at least 90 days for chronic acidity issues.
It depends upon the individual condition. It gives quick results as an antacid and provides instant relief. The herbs work on treating the root cause, so we recommend you take it for a longer period of time.
Yes, it is effective in all these conditions.

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