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Herbonic and Vidyarthi Amrit - For Mental Concentration & Clarity

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  • Maharishi Ayurveda presents Herbonic and Vidyarthi Amrit combo pack- A simple solution which helps in boosting mental power and energy among growing children, students, and adults alike. As we know, memory is precious as gold, a healthy mind requires the right amount of power within the body to improve productivity. So, as a parent, if you're looking for a holistic cognitive and physical development of your child, you should opt for this combo pack. Eventually, it can enhance your child’s performance in academics.

    Herbonic works like an ideal family health drink and milk additive that helps with energy-sapping activities by keeping the body replenished with adequate energy. It is natural and consists of time tested herbs like Ashwagandha and Brahmi, which helps in enhancing mental and physical acumen and adaptability. It's 100% herbal formulation, and drooling taste makes Herbonic a preferred drink among kids and adults. Even the fussiest of children gulp down a glass of delicious Herbonic milk. Herbonic provides the essential growth elements which combine well with Vidyarthi Amrit.

    Vidyarthi Amrit works like a tonic to improve memory, stimulate the nervous system, enhance immunity, and to promote mental and physical development. It has three vital Medhya Rasayanas (rejuvenators) to energise, improve and invigorate Medha i.e., intelligence by strengthening the power of cognition, reception, and the ability to store and recall. Vidyarthi Amrit is also a unique adaptogenic agent that prevents mental fatigue and facilitates sustained intellectual activity. Other natural ingredients are shankhapushpi, mandukaparni, tagara, vidanga, Shatavari, ashwagandha, vacha and chini.

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