Gut Health - Ayurvedic formulation for perfect gut health

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Poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, overuse of antibiotics, and exposure to environmental toxins can lead to the accumulation of Ama (toxins) in the gut. When bad bacteria accumulate inside the gut, it causes fermentation, further resulting in inflammation, improper digestion, reduced nutrient absorption, and an overall sluggish metabolism.

Maharishi Ayurveda Gut Health, an Ayurvedic gut balancer, taps into the potent essence of time-tested herbs. It works synergistically to improve digestion, boost metabolism, prevent inflammation, eliminate toxins that accumulate due to a sedentary lifestyle and environmental toxins, foster a thriving environment for beneficial gut bacteria, and enhance nutrient absorption.

Gut Health serves as a prebiotic, cleansing your gut and promoting healthy growth of gut bacteria, contributing to a diverse microbiome. This reset of your gut health ensures that inflammation decreases, digestion improves, and nutrient absorption becomes better, thereby enhancing overall metabolism.


  • 60 TABLETS

No side effects

Promotes growth of good bacteria

Prevents gut inflammation

100% Natural Ingredients

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Enhances Agni (digestive fire) to improve metabolism

Prebiotic to promote growth of good gut bacteria

Supports nutrient absorption

Reduces gut inflammation

Helps eliminates Ama(toxins) from the gut

Helps relieve acidity and other digestive issues

Two to four tablets with warm water before bedtime