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Vigoroyal F

Female Energizer | 10 tablets of 750gms in Pack

Vigoroyal F is an Ayurvedic Health Vitalizer that fuels today’s women with improved energy and stamina. It is an ideal choice for the working woman who is juggling career, home, and social life.

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Why take Vigoroyal F?


Super Ingredients

  • Shatavari : Nourishes Entire Body and Mind / Increases Blood circulation, Enhance vitality and provides strength
  • Abhrak Bhasma (100 Putti) : Has anti depressant,Aphrodisiac and immunomodulator properties
  • Parval Bhasm (Putti) : Rich source of Natural Calcium
  • Dhatri Lauh (No of Putti) : Is a rich source of Iron+Amla

How to use it?




"In today’s busy lifestyle, women often feel stressed out and tired all the time, that impacts their personal life. Vigororal F is a great Rasayana to bring that balance back."

Let’s clear your Doubts

Vigoroyal F is an ayurvedic formulation that supports the overall health and stamina in women. It is made from herbs and other natural ingredients and has no side effects. Hence, it can be safely taken in long run.
Please consult the Vaidya for the recommended dosage if you are pregnant or lactating.
Yes, this formulation supports the reproductive health of women and balances the hormones and stress in the body.

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