8 Signs You Could be Under Stress

There are a few questions that you could answer to find out if you are stressed. 

  • I experience difficulty in breathing
  • I tend to overreact to situations
  • I find myself getting upset quickly 
  • I take a longer time to calm down 
  • I am pretty impatient and intolerant 

If you can identify with some of these situations and if you were wondering why, we are here to tell you that you are undergoing some kind of stress. Don’t be too shocked. It is not that uncommon. It does happen to everyone. The issue is that people do not realize what it is. They continue to go about life as though nothing can or should be done about it. 

It's common for people not to realize they are stressed out. More often than not, people minimize the stress they are under, the effect it has, and do not take any action. Some physical signs of stress can often be mistaken to be symptoms of some other issue. Therefore, the key is to listen carefully to what your body is trying to tell you. 

Sometimes, it is this lack of realization that can cause more harm than anything else. Believing that you are fine can make you last only up to a certain extent, beyond which your mind and body cannot handle the burden. 

Do you, for instance, remember the last time you were under stress? The chances are that it was a lot more recently than you think. And probably happened much more often than you accounted for. The feeling of anxiety and tension is quite common, but many people assume that they are OK unless they have a heart attack. The fact of the matter is that this stress has a very sneaky way of building up inside of you until it manifests into a serious problem. 


Stress can be defined as an emotional issue. This is because it is the way the body reacts to what it believes to be a threat or adjustment to a change. The nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones known as cortisol and adrenaline. The changes could create physical, emotional, and mental responses. Stress is a normal part of life. 

The four leading causes of stress today are work, money, relationships, and poor health. Often, people do not associate physical manifestations with stress. A recent study showed that negative emotions such as stress are linked to deteriorating physical health in over 150,000 people in 142 countries. The secretion of stress hormones regularly could hurt the immune, nervous, and digestive systems. 

Types of stress 

The Neurobiology of stress is a complex operating mechanism. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are three different types of stress — acute anxiety, severe episodic stress, and chronic stress. The three types of stress each have their characteristics, symptoms, duration, and treatment approaches. They could be single, repeated, or complicated. They, therefore, need different levels of treatment interventions depending on the nature of the individual’s lifestyle, environment, and personality. 

Eight signs that you could be under stress 

Bad skin
Stress aggravates hives and other types of skin to trigger a flare-up of fever blisters. When we no longer feel safe or in control, the skin can respond. Anxiety kickstarts the body’s stress response into overdrive. Apart from the visible signs, the nervous system also causes symptoms such as burning and itching anywhere on your skin - scalp, legs, arms, and face.
Digestive Discomfort
In the short run, stress causes several digestive issues, including Indigestion and heartburn, due to the build-up of acid in the stomach. This leads to cramping of the stomach muscles, constipation, or diarrhoea due to the changes in the speed of digestion. 
Food intolerance
Stress can confuse the immune system to trigger an inflammatory response when certain foods are eaten. Stress can not only disturb the protective gut bacteria, but it also contributes to the development of the leaky gut to increase the risk of intolerances. While stress doesn't actually cause allergies, it can make an allergic reaction worse by increasing the histamine in your bloodstream.
Low Immunity
During stressed moments, the immune system's ability to fight off antigens is reduced. This makes one more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system (e.g., lowers the number of lymphocytes).
There is a difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep when stressed. Stress causes hyperarousal that upsets the balance between sleep and wakefulness. Your quality of life is significantly impacted by the process when you do not get sufficient sleep at night. 
Anxiety or Depression
    Anxiety or depression can occur at the same time. Some of the emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress overlap with those of mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. 
Reduced fertility
Now, a new study finds higher levels of stress are associated with lower odds of conception for women. Women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that correlates with stress, have a harder time getting pregnant. 
Sex life is affected

    Chronic stress can cause your body to produce too much of the hormone cortisol, which can lower your libido. Chronic stress may lead to depression and anxiety, and both conditions can get in the way of healthy sex life. 

    Stress can have adverse effects on the mind and body. Here are three suggestions for countering it.

    • Work through difficult emotions. Expressive writing permits you to give voice to your feelings to reduce stress and boost happiness in the long run. 
    • Find the silver lining. Understand and believe that everything happens for a good reason. Counter pessimism to activate a positive attitude within you. 
    • Eat healthily. Greens and health supplements help your body to adapt to different changes and avoid stress. 

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