Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a multi-purpose herb. It is a plant native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean. Fenugreek leaves and seeds are important for cooking and medicines. It is an annual plant that is also known as methi in many places in the world. Methi is an interesting herb with diverse uses and many potential health benefits. Traditionally, methi seeds have been used as a condiment to promote better health. From adding flavour to dishes to controlling diabetes to inducing labor, fenugreek seeds also have diverse benefits for your skin, hair and health. Fenugreek consists of protein, fats, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, K sugars, fibers and water. Most of the health benefits present in fenugreek are due to saponins and fibers present in it. Read on to learn what fenugreek does to your body.

Reduces inflammation

Fenugreek was discovered to have medicinal qualities, including management of metabolic and nutritive disorders such as diabetes. It leads to slow absorption of sugars in the stomach and stimulates insulin. It breaks up stuck energies and cool inflammation within the body. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of fenugreek fights inflammation.

Improves digestive issues

Fenugreek can be a boon for those suffering from stomach ailments. It prevents constipation as well as digestive problems created by stomach ulcers and is also effective for treating gastritis and indigestion. Fenugreek is a natural digestive tonic and the lubricating properties in it help soothe your stomach and intestines.

Controls diabetes and improves cholesterol level

A research states that fenugreek seeds help control blood sugar and decreases insulin resistance. Diabetic patients are often recommended to include fenugreek seeds in their diet, for it has a strong effect on their health. It also helps lower cholesterol level, especially the ‘bad’ cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein in the body. Fenugreek contains flavonoid named naringenin that lowers the lipid levels in those with high cholesterol.

Improves milk flow in Breastfeeding Mother

Fenugreek is helpful for breastfeeding women who experience low milk supply. This magical herb can increase milk supply in a woman’s body, as it acts as a galactagogue- a substance which increases milk supply. This stimulates the milk ducts and can increase milk production in as little as 24 hours.

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