How to Boost Immunity in your Child Naturally with Ayurveda?

In today’s times, children are under tremendous pressure to perform in school and Sports. Not to forget the growing peer pressure they face. 

Since they have their growing years and have an active life with studies, tuitions, sports and other activities, taking good care of their health is of utmost importance.

Apart from focusing on their growing needs, it is important that parents should focus on giving them proper nutrition to maintain their immune system.

With this pandemic, it has become critical to focus on their immunity as well. In addition to their basic nutrition that is through the meals that they take, it has become important to take an effective immunity booster.

Here Ayurveda can really help you out as it is natural, and it will not affect their body's natural growth rate without any side effects. This will help them develop a stronger base to deal with the ever-growing responsibilities on their shoulders. Let us find out the best ayurvedic medicine for child immunity that can help you in a long run.

Ayurveda’s take on boosting the Immunity of your child

If your child has a weakened immunity and catches cough and cold easily or falls sick easily with the changing seasons, then you need to focus on your child’s Immunity. There is a possibility that ama (Toxins) are accumulated in the digestive system that can weaken the immunity of the child. 

In Ayurveda, we focus on balancing the doshas in the body of the child to make it stronger to fight infections. This will affect the overall health of the child both mind and body wise. He/she will feel calmer and healthier with a positive bend of mind.

Here, I want to emphasize that having good digestion plays an important role in the overall Immunity of the child.

In Ayurveda, we recommend reducing the Kapha dominant foods in the diet of the child. This will lead to increased immunity. Eliminating food items such as sweets, dairy, junk foods, and wheat can improve the immunity of the child manifolds.

Changing the diet pattern and encouraging the child to eat more leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Consuming warm and freshly cooked food at home is recommended. Also, use spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, and ginger as these helps in enhancing the Agni or digestive fire. 

Eating fixed and regular intervals of time should be encouraged. Immune-boosting foods in Ayurveda should lean towards pungent, astringent, and bitter flavors.

As parents, you should encourage your child to engage in any form of physical activity as it increases the blood circulation, balances their energy levels, and also improves the flow of nutrients. Any kind of physical activity or games can boost the detox mechanisms in the body. This way the body itself helps in the process of detoxification and makes the body stronger.

One more important aspect of a child’s health is sound sleep. It is an important aspect of a child’s health.

Taking care of these important factors that are diet, activity, and sleep can certainly benefit you a lot.

You can go for Chawanprash and Herbonic as these are good immune boosters for children and are one of the best ayurvedic medicine for child immunity.

Chwanprash is an age-old Ayurvedic formulation that can aid the immunity and respiratory system of the child. It can help protect the child from seasonal changes, cough, cold, and flu.

Herbonic is an Ayurvedic energy drink for your child that has Ashwagandha and Brahmi, which helps in enhancing mental and physical acumen and adaptability. 

Both these natural formulations can help in building the immunity and energy levels of the child.


Here are some of the frequently asked question that can help you a lot

Q. How can I boost my child’s immune system?

A. You can make the necessary lifestyle changes in the child’s’ diet, activity levels, etc. I have explained all the changes in the post. Ayurveda can be especially helpful in boosting immunity as it can help in the most natural way possible.

Q. What home remedy is good for a child's immune system?

A. You can give them a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and make use of spices such as Turmeric, ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc. Taking Ayurvedic Chawanprash can also help as it is a natural formulation that can help with the child’s immunity.

Q. What is a good immune booster for toddlers?

A. A nutritious diet and ayurvedic herbs can be the best immune booster for a child of any age. You can get the ayurvedic herbs in the form of Chwanprash as it is the best immunity booster that supports the respiratory system of the toddler.This can be the best ayurvedic medicine for child immunity.