Pain Relief Combo

Our lives have been turned upside down during this lockdown. It’s not just the businesses and social experiences that have been hit, but our physical movement has been almost nil. It’s time we understood the seriousness of its repercussions. With our liberty restricted to within the comfort of our homes for the sake of our safety, we should not put our health at risk. 

Life has changed in unprecedented ways. Earlier, our mobility included going to work, malls, and movies. Now with the work from home scenario and homebound economy where everyone prefers to get the essentials delivered, our physical movement is minimal as well. Lethargy has set in unconsciously. Work takes priority over exercises. The lack of physical activity has directly influenced muscle mass. This directly affects the metabolism rate. Increased weight adds a further burden to the joints. 

Importance of ensuring physical health

Eating well and exercising right are two critical activities to be taken care of during the lockdown. Both have a direct impact on the joints. The lack of exercise makes your body lose strength and stamina. Its ability to function well is being affected in the process. 

There are a lot of other benefits to staying physically active. 

  • It is a natural mood lifter and helps relieve anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. The feel-good sensation after a workout is almost unbeatable. 
  • Regular physical activities lower your body pressure, 
  • It boosts the level of endorphins along with good cholesterol
  • It keeps the weight under control 
  • Exercises prevent bone loss which is also a big reason for osteoporosis 

How to stay fit from home 

Keep the muscles and joint fit by creating movement in the body. There are many little things that one can do from home. Regularly working out is an ideal habit and must be encouraged. 

  • Get a Yoga mat and begin with small stretches
  • Learn and perform the Surya Namaskaram every day. You can increase the repetitions in time 
  • Bring a healthy workout routine that includes planks, lunges, and squats 
  • Make sure that you dedicate a half hour to 40 minutes a day for exercises 
  • Ensure sound sleep. The body needs the rest to heal 
body pain, joint pain

Apart from active exercises, there are other little things that you can do to ensure a healthy and fit body. 

  • Start the day right with Yoga and a healthy breakfast 
  • Ensure regular and natural health supplements to keep your body nourished 
  • Stay hydrated to keep your muscles and joints well 
  • Pay attention to your posture through the day
  • Avoid slumping while seated in a chair or while bending 
  • Do not bend from the waist 
  • Gradually straighten up from the knees 

The posture is critical for your bones and joints. Basic activities like reading a book, working on a computer or watching television must be done while on a chair, and not when lying down. The wrong posture can decrease blood circulation and bring more pain to the body. 

It is a proven fact that those who are at a healthy weight and manage to stay physically active live a few years longer. Those extra years and lived healthily and more happily. That is critical. Staying active can help prevent or delay chronic illnesses and various other diseases that are associated with ageing. The quality of life improves, and the ability to remain independent is enabled. This has a positive effect on emotional well-being, as well. 

It is also critical to ensure a wholesome diet. This is beneficial to the muscles and can improve bone and joint health. Oily food, aerated drinks, and excess carbohydrates should be avoided. Consume fruits and nuts and stay hydrated at all times. These are good ways to stay healthy at home. 

How to fight joint pain naturally 

Visiting the doctor during these uncertain times can be avoided when you understand not just what the body needs to stay in a fit shape but also how to fight the pain naturally. Joint pains  are especially common and can interfere with your daily activities. There are some natural ingredients and homemade remedies that can help you fight pain related to the joint and arthritis. 

  • Eucalyptus: This is a readily available herbal remedy used for various ailments. The extracts of this leaf are highly effective in treating arthritis. The plant contains tannins that aid in reducing inflammation and aches related to arthritis. Follow up by pressing heat pads for increasing the effect. 
  • Green tea: The antioxidants fight inflammation and reduce pains in the joint. This is a safe and effective option that is natural and does not have side effects. 
  • Turmeric: Apart from adding colour and flavour to your food, turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is also a potent antioxidant. 
  • Aloe vera: Also known for its healing properties, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed in the right dosage, it helps reduce osteoarthritis pain
  • Ginger: Ginger is claimed to be the alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It can also be used for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and aches in the joints and muscles.

Maharishi Ayurveda presents a 100% ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. Formulated with highly researched and proven herbs, this Pain Relief Combo Kit has everything you need to get rid of your joint aches and pains naturally. 


With the strength of Cinnamon Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Mint and Ajwain Satva, this is a first aid relief for all kinds of common cold/Flu ailments related to the respiratory tract, flu, and Headache


  • Apply 1-2 drops on a handkerchief and inhale softly for relief from nasal congestion
  • Take steam with 2-3 drops of Prandhara for a deeper and more soothing relief from sinusitis.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of Prandhara for immediate relief from Headache

Pirant Oil

Pirant oil relaxes muscles and reduces inflammatory swelling in arthralgia joints. Pirant neutralizes Ama's toxic effects, which, according to Ayurveda, is the underlying cause of inflammation and arthralgia.


  • To be massaged gently over the inflamed area, 2 to 3 times a day.

Pirant Tablet

Pirant effectively relieves acute and chronic inflammation of joints. It provides relief from pain and morning stiffness. Pirant tablets relax muscles and reduce inflammatory swelling in arthralgic joints. Strengthens the synovial membrane and cartilage tissue of the joint and neutralizes Ama's toxic effect (fundamental causes of inflammation of joints)

  • 2 tablets thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Pirant Balm

Pirant Balm is made from a unique combination of Pain relief Herbalized oil which helps in curing any pain instantly


Rub on Head, Back sprain and Shoulder for pain relief

Natural pain relief options are the best ways to bring a long-lasting remedy to your body. With no chemicals and side effects, Maharishi Ayurveda’s Pain Relief Combo Kit is exactly what the doctor ordered for your body aches.