Food that are packed with Iron

Foods are a natural source of nutrients by nutrients we are talking about Iron. Iron-rich foods consumed daily can fulfil our daily intake of iron. Iron is an essential mineral that transports oxygen to all parts of our body. A slight deficiency of iron may lead to many health issues. Iron can be naturally consumed from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables high in iron include dried fruits, dark leafy vegetables, mushrooms, etc. Men and women generally require 18mg of iron per day.

Dried Fruits and nuts-

Dried fruits are rich in Vitamin C and help your body better absorb iron. Raisins, dates and other like dried fruits and nuts can be eaten as a snack or thrown into a bowl of cereal or salad.  This healthy snacking regime boosts the haemoglobin level in your body. Cashew nut is the kind of nut which is rich in iron. 3ogms of cashew nut can provide 2mg of iron.

Green leafy vegetable

Dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin A, k etc. The nutrient found in dark green leafy vegetable prevents many health issues and promotes good health. Spinach, turnip, broccoli and many other green leafy vegetables are high in nutrition and act as an antioxidant in the body. The dark green leafy vegetable is a powerful source of iron and it can be eaten raw or cooked daily.



This iron-rich fruit is one of the most recommended one, it helps boost iron in your body. Pomegranate contains high levels of iron that helps increase red blood cells in your body. It acts as natural aspirin, which improves blood flow in the body. It helps in reducing the symptoms of iron deficiency.