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The weather was not unusually hot. Having been in one of the hottest cities in India all her life, Shreya did not think that her feeling tired and exhausted all the time had something to do with the temperature. Her gut made her check her diet. It was balanced. She decided to step it up with a regular test. Her gut was right. She did have low levels of iron in her body. It was time she did something about it. She did not believe in feeding her body with chemicals. They came with a price that she was not ready to pay. 

The first thing she did was do some research to come up with natural ways of improving iron levels. There were some lovely natural remedies of iron that she found not only interesting but easy enough to follow. After all, if you want to stay healthy, you need a sustainable plan. She made up her mind to do the following things. 

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Increase Vitamin C: The logic was simple. Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron in the diet. Not just that; with low iron levels, the immunity of the body also takes a hit. The ability to fight infections goes down. Shreya added oranges to her diet. She also tried to have a glass of lemon water every day. 

More than more green vegetables: It was not just enough to eat more green vegetables. Shreya found out that raw spinach contains oxalic acid and may prevent the absorption of iron in the body. How well you cook your greens also makes a difference. 

Fresh juices: Apart from her regular diet, Shreya decided to drink fresh pomegranate and beetroot juice. Blood purifiers and blood builders, these juices could boost energy levels by promoting healthy blood flow. She wanted to feel more active, and that was one of her main objectives. 

Copper water: Ayurveda considers drinking water from copper vessels to be healthy. Shreya decided to store water in a copper vessel overnight and drink from it every morning. It would help replenish the body with natural minerals and treat hair loss (another significant symptom of low iron levels) 

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Consume ghee in the morning: As per the research conducted by Ayurvedic experts, Ghee is known to balance the pitta dosha, thus tending to the root cause of low iron levels. Ghee early in the morning on an empty stomach is suitable for those with low iron levels. 

Having made some minor changes in her daily routine, Shreya then decided to do something about her diet as well. She saw that while she was eating healthy; different versions of these healthy items could not only enhance her well-being, it would also be delicious and interesting. When food is healthy and appealing to your taste buds, there’s nothing like it. 

Home recipes to improve iron levels 

  • Drumstick Leaves Juice 

  • Ingredients

    10 - 15 drumsticks

    1 teaspoon honey 


    Chop the leaves and blend them

    Strain it, add honey and stir well

    This is loaded with iron, calcium, Vitamin A&C, and magnesium. 

  • Green Smoothie 
  • Ingredients

    1 cup celery - chopped

    1 cup kale 

    1 ½ tablespoon honey

    ½ lime - squeeze juice 

    Salt as needed 


    Chop vegetables and blend with honey, lime juice, and salt 

    Strain and stir well  

    Green vegetables are a great source of iron and will help maintain healthy iron levels. 

  • Probiotics 
  • Ingredients 

    ½ cup yoghurt

    2 tablespoons lime juice

    A few chopped coriander leaves

    1 pinch cumin powder 

    1 cup of water 

    Salt as needed 


    Mix water with lime juice, coriander leaves, cumin powder, and salt 

    Blend yoghurt and add it to the mix 

    Stir well 

    Probiotics improve digestion and enhance gut function. It also increases levels of iron and B12. 

  • Bananas 
  • Ingredients

    1 or 2 medium-sized bananas 

    1 tablespoon honey 


    Peel bananas, chop or slice and add to a bowl 

    Sprinkle honey on top and mix gently 

    Bananas are rich in Vitamin C and iron, along with folate and potassium. 

  • Figs 

  • Ingredients 

    3-4 ripe figs 

    1 cup of water 


    Soak the figs in water overnight 

    Dice it 

    Figs are a good source of Vitamin A and magnesium along with iron. 

    Shreya could now understand why Maharishi Ayurveda’s Raktda was such a popular health supplement for iron. Having conducted thorough research on iron-rich food and different ways of eating it; she realised that Raktda worked on similar principles as well. 

    The similarity between Raktda and home recipes 

    Raktda, one of the most popular ayurvedic medicines of Maharishi Ayurveda, supports natural health. Raktda’s ingredients are entirely natural and do not contain any chemicals that could bring side effects. The benefits are also completely cohesive in nature and bring holistic wellness. 

    Let’s take a look at the individual ingredients in Raktda and their benefits. 

    amrit kalash ingiridents, amrit kalasah, maharishi ayurveda,MAKWhy Raktda is a good idea 

    Maharishi Ayurveda’s Raktda taps into nature’s pharmacy. Many natural herbs are not only rich in iron, but also take care of the other symptoms that are caused due to iron deficiency.

    The reason why Raktda is one of the most prefered options for someone with low iron levels is that Raktda does not overload the body with iron that could bring more harm due to excess quantity. It instead enables the body to understand the required levels of iron and absorb it from the diet. Raktda brings intelligence to the equation. 

    Connect with us to understand your body. Get to know its requirements this woman’s day and strengthen yourselves with Raktda. Dare to dream and bring your dreams alive with iron power. 

    Let’s make a plan. By 2025, we should ensure a 50% reduction in the rate of iron deficiency.  Invest in a woman’s health; you invest in the future of her entire family. 

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