The ultimate guide to Maharishi Ayurveda-Amrit Kalash.

Ageing is a fact of life. We humans go through different phases of life from child to youth, middle-age to adulthood. Youth would represent the best part of life as we know it, from the point of view of health. This stage in life consists of strong muscles, good health, an efficient immune system, a healthy brain, and sharp memory.

With other circumstances such as pollution, fast food, and stress added to our lives, we are now facing the issue of premature ageing. And it is not just wrinkled skin that we are talking about. It goes deeper than that. It affects your memory, your ability to fight illness and finally your stamina.

The entry of anti-ageing

Anti-Ageing supplements seek to maintain everything you have in your youth, irrespective of your chronological age. In the era of information, where medical knowledge has been increasing at a fantastic rate and doubling every third year; the world is changing the way health is being seen.

The question that arises is, what about the side effects? We need something that brings goodness and positivity to our health. Chemicals come with their own baggage and more often than not, are not curable.

Thus was created Maharishi’s Amrit Kalash

This isn't an ordinary Rasayana, but a super rasayana. Here is the story of the origins of Amrit Kalash, the king of all Maharishi Ayurvedic Rasayanas, and it is quite fascinating indeed.

Amrit Kalash is a masterful synergy of embodied intelligence of many herbs, all promoting perfect health, bliss, longevity and the development of full human potential — enlightenment. This blend of herbs has been tested through the centuries and shown to work on the entire body. Neither the herbs nor the level of care involved in selecting, picking and preparing these ancient foods is anything less than extraordinary.

There is a beautiful narration in Indian mythology that serves as the perfect analogy for how Amrit came into being. The story is called Samudra Manthan — The Churning of the Ocean.

Once, in ancient times, humanity was steeped in suffering. The Devas and Asuras, the gods and the demons, got together and made a solemn resolve in the deepest level of their consciousness to find a solution for the suffering. Together they churned the mighty ocean, from where they had been told relief would appear. And when they churned the waters, Amrit — known as the Nectar of Immortality — appeared.

The need of the hour is a Rasayana that helps us deal with the pressures and problems that life throws at us in abundance. Whilst we may have the experience and expertise to tackle the issues, it does take a toll on us. And as the years go by, the damage begins to show in harsh ways. The symptoms are not subtle. And given the circumstances, the entire human body is affected: mind, body, and soul.

The body changes with ageing. These changes occur in our individual cells and whole organs. This affects function and appearance. How well an organ function, depends on how well-functioning the cells within them are. As some cells are not replaced, their number within the organs decreases with age and has a direct impact on its functioning. Not all organs lose a large number of cells. For instance, a healthy older person does not lose many brain cells.

Changes in the body with ageing include

  • Ageing cells
  • Ageing organs
  • Aching bones and joints
  • Reducing muscles
  • Increasing power in the eyes and lower hearing
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Harder to breathe
  • Lower metabolism
  • Reduced immune system

The last symptom is one of the most challenging of them all because the overall health takes a hit.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program, gathered together the most eminent ayurvedic scholars and physicians of the time to see what could be done to alleviate people's suffering.

One of the first things to emerge from these collective deliberations was a powerful Rasayana to nourish the mind, body, and spirit in a very holistic and balanced way. Appropriately, Maharishi decided to name this Rasayana Amrit Kalash. Amrit Kalash represents the essence of the supreme knowledge in ancient ayurvedic texts.

Maharishi’s Ayurveda brings to you the best of both worlds: an ancient tradition that is time-tested and modern medicine that is validated by doctors. Amrit Kalash is one of the most holistic supplements that can be used to treat problems related to health, ageing and overall well-being. It is not just about longevity but the health and happiness in it that makes life worth living.

It is a well-known and successful Rasayana consumed to restore health, longevity and overall satisfaction. It is a combination of natural and potent herbs. This elixir of life is what is recommended to restore your health, retain youth and lead a long and healthy life.

Today's healthcare challenges combined with tomorrow's opportunity could only be met by those who are looking out for a more in-depth explanation of the body processes that help generate health and disease. Our life expectancy has increased due to advances in medical science. The progress in the quality of life has to become a priority. It is not about how long you live, but how well you live it that is key. The length of the disease-free years in society can provide a valuable understanding of how far we have truly made a difference in the world of healthy living.

Maharishi Ayurveda brings you Amrit Kalash, a unique formulation to nourish your body, mind, and soul to keep you youthful from inside and young from outside. Age well. Age gracefully.