Radiant Skin at every decade

Age is just a number, but to the skin; it’s a huge reality that needs to be dealt with. Skincare at any age can be downright overwhelming. Your skin changes constantly throughout your life, depending on your age, diet, lifestyle choices and many other factors. From the Ayurveda perspective, the skin’s texture and appearance also change as we move through the different stages of life: Childhood (Kapha Kala), young adulthood (Pitta kala), and middle age (Vata kala). With these different transitions in mind, here are few healthy guidelines for smooth, glowing skin at every decade.


 When we are at our childhood, we enjoy smooth and graceful skin. At age 16 we begin to enter Pitta kala when hormone production stimulates rapid growth, transformation and maturity in all sense, all these can upset your skin, like the eruption of non-cystic acne, etc. A healthy, pitta-pacifying diet and stress-reduction steps are important for teens, who suffer a lot on their life’s journey. Ayurveda suggests taking complete rest. Do not forcefully wake yourself during night time between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The body at this point of time purifies itself; especially the liver and skin cleanse themselves. If you are awake and consuming energy for studying or doing some other activity, the process of purification doesn’t take place. While you are awake, you might feel hungry and eat, which inhibits the process of purification. So take proper sleep and try not to engage in midnight works. Acne, blackheads and oily skin top the list of teen skin complaints. By following a few tips, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

  • If you have oily skin, you should cleanse your skin twice throughout the day.
  • If you have a habit of wearing makeup daily, remember to take off makeup before bed. If you sleep wearing makeup, you can have an acne breakout or develop a bumpy rash called periocular dermatitis.
  • Get the right acne products, wash your skin, then use a toner and apply a medicated acne gel.
  • If you want a healthy, glowing skin for decades, pick an oil-free sunscreen before going out.

The Twenties

By the time you are in your twenties, pitta kala is in full gear. This is the peak time for many of us who are out struggling with their lives and with their jobs. At this age, we even struggle a lot to maintain an absolute healthy looking skin. Before you reach on to your 30s and 40s you need to do many things that you can start during your 20s. Cooling the liver and supporting natural detoxification is really crucial in this age.

  • You’re certainly suggested to wear high-quality sunscreen and avoid getting sun damage.
  • Massage your skin daily with warm oil, it helps with pitta-related skin imbalances and deeply nourish the skin.
  • If you don’t want a scar on your face, so instead of picking you can get a proper treatment done.
  • Avoid too much of makeup daily, your skin will be thankful for the break.
  • Take all your makeup off before bed, wash and apply moisturizer before bed.

The thirties and above  

The early thirties can bring about many unanticipated changes. Your features might get hardened and you may not receive good comments on your skin. At the 30s you are supposed to have full control over your relationships, you’re on track when it comes to work and is attuned to a truly happy and enjoyable life. But you have to balance your skin and how it looks. This is the time when you can have both wrinkles and acne at the same time. You need to be extra cautious about your skin.

  • Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of fresh and pure water. Stay hydrated.
  • Cleanse your skin each morning and make sure to remove all your makeup before bedtime.
  • Exfoliate during night time, just to remove dead skin. If you have got acne then exfoliate twice a week.
  • Protect your skin during the daytime. Apply vitamin C serum along with sunscreen and use lukewarm water.
  • Moisturize your skin with body lotion after bathing.
  • Stay stress-free and indulge in a hobby of one’s choice, it works wonders for the skin.

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