Ayur Defence - The best way to fight Viral Infection

As we wait for the curve to flatten, we are filled with fears on various levels. There are multiple questions that we are now forced to answer
  • How do we live our lives during this lockdown?
  • What kind of impact will it have on our health?
  • Will I be able to manage my work-life balance?
  • How will I stay home and stay healthy enough to defend myself against illnesses?
  • When will things go back to normal?

This lockdown has taught us that it is our health that takes priority. Every question that we ask ourselves is related to our health, one way or another. Now, as the numbers are still high, there is another fear that is crippling our minds. Every sneeze, cough or the slightest temperature rise makes us pause to think if we have contracted the ultimate disease that we are all trying to keep ourselves safe from.

The reason for this fear is justified. The symptoms are common. How are we to know what we have? The changing seasons in India should also be taken into consideration before letting our panic mode go out of control. Variations in the weather lead to many witnessing a running nose or a sore throat. Our first mode of action is to focus on these little signs of viral infection and seasonal flu.

The quality of life

Now that we have established that we need to understand the reasons behind the cough and cold before we treat it let’s emphasize on the importance of doing it immediately. When the body fights any illness, it undergoes tremendous stress. Fatigue and sleeplessness make the situation worse and affect productivity along with state of mind. It needs every assistance it can get to not only fight the illness but also ensure sufficient energy to keep going.

Acting on the first signs of viral infection and seasonal flu is critical. Timing is everything. Just like a stitch in time saves nine, taking a remedy as soon you notice a runny nose or an annoying itch in the throat is critical. The logic is simple. Why wait for it to get worse when you can act on it immediately?

Home remedies for viral infection and seasonal flu

Supportive care is the best care for viral infection and seasonal flu. There is no question that it is critical and could save lives when applied effectively. The human immune system is key when it comes to prepping the body for a fight against illnesses. Viral infection and seasonal flu are no exception.

Several kinds of viruses bring on the flu. Various natural remedies can help you soothe the symptoms and shorten how long you would have to endure the illness. Understand viral infection symptoms and embrace home remedies for a viral infection to fight it.

Top Six Home Remedies to Fight Viral Infection and Seasonal Flu

1. Plenty of water and fluids

Liquids are critical when you have signs of viral infection and seasonal flu. The fluids help keep the mouth, throat and nose moist and get rid of the phlegm and mucus. Fever and diarrhoea are also other symptoms that you need to watch out for. Irregular eating times can cause dehydration, as well.
Ensure the following in your diet during viral infection and seasonal flu

  • Water
  • Soup
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Broth
  • Freshly squeezed juice

2. Adequate rest

The most critical and heavily undervalued natural remedy for the viral infection and seasonal flu is rest. Sleeping helps boost the immune system and fight off the flu virus. Take a break from your usual hectic routine and allow the body to heal from the illness.

3. Increase iron and zinc levels

Zinc and iron are critical for your health. Improve the intake with leafy green vegetables.

4. Add Herbs and Spices to your diet

Herbs are rich in antibacterial and antiviral properties. Soups flavoured with herbs and spices such as cloves, garlic, ginger and turmeric are immunity-enhancing natural supplements.

5. Regular salt-water gargle

Gargling with warm water is key to the fight against viral infection and seasonal flu. It will help clear the mucus and soothe the sore throat. Mix two tablespoons of salt in the warm water and gargle twice a day.

6. Maharishi Ayurveda’s Ayur Defence

Given the current fears that are floating around, you need something natural and ayurvedic to make sure that you are on the right healthy path. The way to stay healthy and fit in the long run is to reduce the chances of recurrence. Understand why ayurvedic medicine for a viral infection is better than any other treatment.

The best solution is to speed up healing time and reduce recurrence rates Ayurvedically. Maharishi Ayurveda embraces the philosophy of home remedies for viral infection and adopts it in their strategy.

Maharishi Ayurveda, therefore, recommends a multimodality approach to take care of health during a change of seasons. This helps the physiology continue to function with peak performance, whilst maintaining sufficient reserve for our immune system to enable us to face mental and physical stresses. This is also to protect us from external infectious invasions, including Allergies and Viruses.

Maharishi Ayurveda presents Ayur Defence - the result of conducting intense research to bring together traditional wisdom to modern sciences.

The best way to fight Viral Infection

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Formulated with a combination of 19 Herbs, Maharishi Ayurveda’s AyurDefence works synergistically to enhance vitality, inner strength and stability. It balances your entire system to strengthen your immunity. This helps take care of your upper respiratory system and your body’s digestive capabilities and enhances your body’s innate intelligence. AyurDefence’s herbs possess the much-needed functional attributes that balance Dosha, Agni and Dhatu. It digests and promotes Ojas to enable the energized body to guard itself against viruses and other external health threats.

Being a perfect blend of traditional and modern remedies, AyurDefence helps in strengthening the Upper Respiratory System, and the body's AMA digestive capabilities. It also enhances the body’s innate intelligence and works synergistically for more vitality, inner strength, stability, and balance to strengthen immunity.

Safe for all ages, this ayurvedic supplement is one of the best natural protection against illnesses for you and your family.

Proven by science and recommended by vaidyas, Ayur Defence strengthens your defence mechanism and boosts immunity naturally. The effectiveness of this remedy lies in the balanced and proportional blend of some of the most potent herbs found in nature.


  • Tulsi: Rich in antioxidants, natural immunity booster
  • Chiraita: Increases metabolism
  • Giloy: Boosts immunity, treats fevers
  • Kalmegh: Improves liver function and reduce fever and inflammation
  • Mulethi: Helps in lowering dry cough and throat infection
  • Kali Mirch: Reduces pain while breathing, cleanses channels
  • Ginger: Controls toxins, cleans the throat and treats cough. Also reduces improperly digested impurities to decrease resistance and support the body’s optimal operating temperature
  • Cumin and Licorice: Helps digestive enzymes.
  • Bilva: Helps in the assimilation of nutrients
  • Sonth, Pippali, Mulethi, and Lahsun: potent antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals.
Bring relief from a runny nose, sore throat, body ache, chills and shortness of Breath. Strengthen your defence mechanism to prevent frequent bouts of illnesses with Maharishi Ayurveda’s Ayur Defence. It is the best way to fight viral infection and seasonal flu. Connect with our Vaidhya for more details.