Know the top 10 facts of Iron Deficiency

A lot of times, we plan to make our health better. Get rid of our bad habits. Think of turning over a new leaf but don’t know-how. We want to be healthy and not have any illnesses. Until something significant happens, we lack awareness about the problem. Similar was the case of Deepa, a close friend of mine. She was a thirty-year-old vibrant girl working for a technology company. Deepa was enjoying her life unaware about the serious effects of iron deficiency anaemia which was just a click away. Consistently, she felt exhausted, frightened because of heart palpitations, shortness of breath and at night suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Even though she was feeling cold all the time, Deepa still had a frequent urge of eating ice. Her husband decided not to wait and took her to the doctor. The doctor ran some blood tests. 

It was found that Deepa’s haemoglobin was 6, nearly half the normal range of 12-14. She was dealing with Iron deficiency. The doctor immediately prescribed some Iron supplements. After getting the right treatment, she was back in feet within a week. While going through her problem, she vowed to learn more about her condition. Deepa started researching and was shocked to learn that she wasn’t the only woman in the dark about this deadly disorder. Iron deficiency was a common nutrient deficiency worldwide, affecting more than 3 billion people. But then also, people lacked understanding about Iron deficiency and did not realise that they were facing the problem unless they faced major symptoms

Deepa decided to research further and understand the facts of Iron deficiency. No one should suffer because of the low iron count. She decided to list down the top 10 facts of Iron deficiency. Let us understand them.

Top 10 facts of Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency is a very common type

Haemoglobin is a protein that allows red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body. Iron is required to produce haemoglobin. Deficiency occurs when haemoglobin doesn’t get enough Iron. Similarly, vitamin deficiency works. The vitamins B12 and folate are vital to produce healthy red blood cells, and deficiencies in either can contribute to Iron deficiency. People lack Iron, B12 or folate because it is not absorbed from the diet. A deficiency occurs when the body does not take in enough due to gastrointestinal surgery, a genetic disorder, or some other issue. 

Mild iron deficiency symptoms should be taken seriously

There are around 400 different causes of Iron deficiency. Some are like not having an Iron-rich diet, while others are more serious like blood cancers or aplastic anaemia, a condition that develops when the bone marrow stops producing red blood cells at a healthy rate. Mild Iron deficiency symptoms can be the first signs of a severe condition. So, even if symptoms are self-manageable, it shouldn’t be brushed away.

Iron Deficiency leads to anaemia which is “lack of blood.”

In simple terms, someone with anaemia does not have a healthy amount of haemoglobin in their bloodstream. 

Lack of oxygen is the reason for frequent fatigue

Due to Iron deficiency, organs do not receive enough oxygen- a condition known as hypoxia. This results in symptoms like headaches, dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breath. In some cases, these symptoms could be severe. The signs are hard to measure and overlap with the severe condition and can be left undiagnosed

Iron deficiency leads to chewing ice

Constant craving of chewing ice cube can be one of the most distinctive signs of Iron deficiency. “Pica” is the medical term for it. The fact that ice calms inflammation in the mouth that comes with Iron deficiencies.

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A simple blood test is required.

Iron deficiency symptoms are tricky to identify, but it can be diagnosed with a blood test. After taking the sample, doctors calculate the complete blood count, which measures the percentage of red blood cells and haemoglobin in the blood. By looking at the count, the doctors can determine if the blood is healthy or anaemic. 

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Increase your Iron by managing your diet

Some foods like red meat, poultry, seafood, apricot, green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and bread are rich in Iron. You also require Vitamin C rich foods to enable better Iron absorption. If you are dealing with Iron deficiency, then you should avoid foods like milk, tea, egg whites, soy because they decrease the ability to absorb Iron. 

Pregnant women are more prone to iron deficiency

If you are pregnant, you have a higher risk of iron deficiency. As per research from WHO, Iron deficiency affects 40% of pregnant women. Pregnant women naturally produce about 30% more blood to supply oxygen to the baby. But, it isn’t always enough for the mother to maintain healthy haemoglobin levels. Iron deficiency is common during the second and third trimester when the baby needs the most blood. Hence, pregnant women are prescribed Iron supplements to prevent complications.

Different ways to treat Anaemia

Treatments for anaemia differ based on the condition. In typical cases, the most common procedure is to prescribe Iron supplements as well as an Iron-rich diet rich. Daily folic acid tablets and B12 shots also help in boosting haemoglobin levels. In cases when haemoglobin counts drops to dangerous mark, more drastic treatments like blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants may be necessary.

Is Ayurveda the right path of treatment for Iron deficiency?


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Ayurveda, as a system, contains the core knowledge of how to be healthy for the long term. It comprises of two things. Firstly, it is an ancient system of medicine, and secondly, it is the only system that places so much emphasis on the promotion of health and prevention of disease. Ayurveda medications and treatments have stood the test of time.

After listing down the facts, Deepa learned that simple diet changes and occasional Iron supplementation were not enough to improve her Iron content in the long term. Also, she wanted a solution with no side effects. As a daughter, wife and a workaholic, she wanted to balance her life and be a super multi-tasker. So, to control and do a better job of maintaining her Iron health, she understood the power of Ayurveda. On researching further, she realised that Maharishi Ayurveda-Raktda had the right Iron Management solution. 

Raktda was a 100% ayurvedic solution that maintained haemoglobin levels naturally, boosted energy and restored skin & hair health. It was better than other Iron supplements because of the combination and synergistic effects of herbs, resulting in higher efficacy and better iron absorption.

Other benefits of Raktda was as follows:

  1. Iron Bhasma was in micronised particles which enhanced the body to absorb Iron naturally from the diet without any side effects.
  2. It consisted of Vitamin C, which enabled better Iron absorption by the body.
  3. Raktda was rich in iron, calcium, minerals and natural herbs.

Deepa got convinced to Purchase Raktda because the formulation helped pump Iron in the blood naturally. Raktda provided excellent long term health deeper than your skin and supported her to live an uncompromised life.