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For many women in today’s era, it is difficult to find a moment to breathe.  Family, work, social life, all often make her wellbeing go neglected. A healthy and active women ensures the health of her entire family. It has been observed that men have a healthier lifestyle than women. Though women are conscious about being healthy, but more often than not the health is ignored. It is increasingly being seen that women are more prone to symptoms that could be due to iron deficiency and eventually lead to anemia.

Women today have more important areas to attend to, but it is equally important to take out time to maintain their own health and happiness. Today’s active woman shouldn’t ignore the signs of iron deficiency which she faces in her everyday life, but neglect due to other concerned job roles. Here are a few common signs which a woman ignores in her daily life.

*Frequent Tiredness

*Noticeable Irregular Heartbeats

*Paleness of skin & lips

*Dizziness or lightheadedness

*Dry and damaged hair and skin

Iron deficiency is the most common and widely spread nutritional deficiency in the world. Most alarmingly, women of reproductive age are highly affected by this nutritional deficiency. This is often seen and noticed during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. While reading this, many of you might like to give a pat on your back because you consciously choose meals rich in Iron. But do you know, Iron we consume from the food is not adequate enough to maintain the amount of iron required by the body? Also even if we feel we are consuming enough iron, the absorption power of iron by the body is also crucial.

Women should be given wings to fly. Her mind is designed to dream and her body is designed to fulfil those dreams. Don’t let the deficiency of iron hold you back to make your dreams come true. A woman can conquer her dreams only if she is healthy from within. Today’s women are determined, focused and confident enough to travel their path to success on their own. She shoulders family responsibilities and has shattered the stereotypes. But they have specific health needs that are if ignored can impede her dream.

Women are so used to having a hectic life and feeling tired that they often just dismiss being tired as part of a routine. Women often get winded while climbing up the stairs, but ignore the fact that they are iron deficient and so they get exhausted fast. If you’re constantly tired, lacking energy, and fatiguing easily, it may be because of anemia or you might have had a busy week or a bad night’s sleep. Fatigue is one such symptom of many conditions and illness, but if it’s regular, you should be tested. At times you may feel like you’re running short on oxygen. It can feel more difficult to inhale and exhale and sometimes you might be compelled to draw a breath before you’ve even finished the last exhale.

You may or may not believe that even moderate iron deficiency can impair a woman’s thought. If you’re iron deficient you may face poor cognitive performance. So if you’re trying hard to concentrate and looking for reasons that why is it so difficult, then let us inform you that you could lack red blood cells in your system.

A woman’s best jewellery is her hair, but did you know, if you are suffering from full-blown iron deficiency or anemia, it can cause hair loss. When you lose about 100 strands of hair that is normal but when you only lose and there is no sign of hair growth then there’s an issue.

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