8 natural ways to reverse premature ageing

It is a slow and steady process. It is but barely noticeable. You don’t see it coming, but when it’s there, it hits you like a truck.

That’s the thing about premature ageing. You do not see it as you are not expecting it. One would think you need to hit 40 to qualify as the older generation. And that may be true as well. But the signs of ageing hit you much earlier.

Thanks to the unhealthy pollution, hard lifestyle, and the fast pace that we have to keep up with; the first thing that takes a hit is our health. It is not a kind tap but a fairly rude shock. If you are not looking for the signs of ageing, chances are you will miss it altogether.

Looking at the pictures of those perfect looking celebrities on magazine covers can sometimes only be intimidating. It does look like they are not ageing. It feels as though life has been too kind to them and a bit unfair to the rest of the mortals. You can either console yourselves assuming that they look the way they look because of cosmetic surgeries and other such unnatural methods. Or you can realise that looking young and healthy can be a natural and easy process- An Ayurveda way.

Let’s cut to the chase. Reversal of premature ageing need not cost you a kidney. Infact, the ingredients that you need to take care of yourselves in order to look and feel young could be in your very own kitchen.

1. Make time for meditation

Meditating is no longer an activity of the high and mighty. Anyone can meditate. The popularity of meditation has increased, and people have become aware of the science-based benefits. Stress, one of the biggest reasons for premature ageing, is taken care of by meditation. Less stress means lowered anxiety. Emotional health is enhanced with clear thinking and positivity. A better understanding of the self thanks to awareness can help you steer your thoughts towards constructive patterns. It is also likely to help you reduce age-related memory loss which has been a very worrying concern for anyone above 35.

Meditation is a doctor-prescribed activity to improve physical and mental health. Do it anywhere. Do it anytime. Reverse premature ageing and improve your quality of life.

2. Exercise

A lifetime of regular exercises slows down premature ageing. This has been proven by research. Defy the ageing process and reverse the signs of ageing by taking care of your physical body. Benefits of exercising go beyond the muscle. Study has shown enhancement the immune system as well. This plays a crucial role to prevent and handle signs of premature ageing.

Exercise to reverse premature ageing

 Simple. Efficient. All-round benefits. Exercise four times a week, and you will see a miraculous change in your entire outlook.


3. Get enough sleep

Sleep. One of the most underestimated yet almost life-saving activities. A good night’s sleep will keep you younger. It is a fact. Without giving yourselves time to produce fresh cells and repair the previous day’s damage, you are personally accelerating ageing yourselves. Without sleep, your body does not prepare as much human growth hormone. The skin gets stressed out, leading to an additional breakout. Sleep also decreases cortisol levels. Lower levels allow the skin to regenerate and protect itself. Miss out on adequate rest and the cycle is disrupted.

Sleep is one of the easiest and most natural things that you can and should do for yourselves. Take it easy. There is nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow.

4. Drink green tea

With multiple anti-ageing properties and antioxidants that help cut down on the free radical count, green tea is one of the most popular anti-ageing drinks adopted by many. Regular consumption of green tea not only fights fine lines, premature wrinkles and dark spots, but it also helps keep the skin firm and healthy. Being rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), it helps slow down and reverse premature ageing.

Drink green tea to reverse premature ageing

Consume green tea regularly as well as apply it externally onto the skin. See the magic happen naturally.

5. Drink lots of water

Do you know what happens to a plant when you don’t water it? We are just the same. Except, we see the signs of dehydration much slower. Water plays a key role in blood circulation, digestion, absorption of vital nutrients and subsequent elimination of toxins. It is critical in the function of every organ in your system, including the skin. If the skin is not sufficiently hydrated, it will look dry, and eventually old.

The more hydrated you stay, fewer premature wrinkles and fine lines you'll see. Water helps your skin maintain moisture, which increases your elasticity.

6. Include natural anti-ageing food in your diet

There is only so much that the lotion and cream can do for your skin. End of the day, what you put inside your body has a significant impact on how you look on the outside. A healthy and well-balanced diet is the best way to stay healthy. Having said that, adding natural anti-ageing food in your diet is also a good idea. Food items such as red bell pepper, papaya, blueberries and nuts are high sources of antioxidants and inflammation-fighting fatty acids that promote smooth and supple skin.

natural anti-ageing food in your diet

Make sure that your diet keeps you young and glowing. Eat well. Eat right. And eat healthy. You are what you eat.

7. Wash your face regularly

You are prone to exposing yourself to harsh and humid weather conditions. Pollutants in the air cause substantial damage to your skin. Your face is the most exposed part of your body. It is extremely important that you wash your face regularly. Apart from cleansing your face twice a day, washing it every time your return home is a good idea. Use natural products or ayurvedic soaps with glycerin as chemically made products can dehydrate your skin.

Wash your face regularly

Wash your face with cold water, especially in the mornings. It works as a great anti-wrinkle cream and tones the skin to make it look young and fresh.

8. Try natural skin remedies

Wrinkles to pimples, scratches to wounds; anything can happen to the skin. What you apply for remedial purposes makes a world of difference. Do you want to add more chemicals? Isn’t it like adding fuel to the fire? Try natural skin remedies. They do not have side effects, and they can bring a clean cure to your ailment. Applying lemon juice, olive oil and honey bring rejuvenating magic to the skin. It stays soft and supple. Natural remedies for premature wrinkles are aloe vera, banana masks and essential oils.

Massage your skin gently and moisturise it every night. This is a time-tested way to reverse premature ageing.

Maharishi’s Amrit Kalash

We are all looking for that perfect supplement. Natural yet effective. It should not contain any chemicals but should be impactful. What would make us happy is something that is herbal and yet approved by the doctors.

Maharishi’s Amrit Kalash is precisely what you are looking for. It has the touch of ancient wisdom and modern science. Amrit Kalash is probably a unique item that has both herbal ingredients as well as the approval of the doctors. And it really works.

Amrit Kalash reverses premature ageing by connecting with you in every way possible. It understands the importance of creating a wholesome environment between the body, mind and soul. By bringing the three together, Amrit Kalash brings out that youth that was always inside of you but hiding because of various inhibitions.

The constantly demanding lifestyle depletes this youth and tires you out one day at a time. While your hearts try to keep up the pace, the mind takes a while to adjust. You need that mental balance to ensure that the glow reaches to your physical self.

Maharishi’s Amrit Kalash

 Amrit Kalash is a meticulously researched ayurvedic formulation of 53 herbs that supports the health of mind, brain, and nerves. It also increases vitality and inner strength and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Amrit Kalash has everything that you need to revitalise yourselves inside out. It starts with detoxifying your system and nourishing your body. Your vitality is improved along with your mental strength.

In simple words, Maharishi’s Amrit Kalash is the super Rasayana that prevents and reverses premature ageing.

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