How to test your Immunity

The question on everyone’s minds today is not if they have enough gold or land. 

The year 2020

This is what has happened. A highly infectious, often deadly, the respiratory virus has infected humans. It is spreading rapidly, and the WHO has declared a pandemic. Along with the virus spreads fear. The toll, along with the pressure is high. 

The question now is - Am I immune enough? 

The answer is quite simple, but the result, incredibly profound. It does not just make you realize where you stand in the bigger scheme of things, but also has an impact on your emotional and mental state of mind. 

When you know that you have what it takes to fight illnesses and stay safe, you feel more confident about yourselves. With the lockdown and all the other repercussions that it has had on our social life, professional career, and, most importantly, our emotional states, we need to ensure that our health is taken care of at all times. 

The first step to staying healthy is to ensure strong immunity. Our body is exposed to germs at all levels. It could be a dirty surface, old food, or a simple cold. If our body is unable to resist these germs, we will only fall sick time and again.

Now, with the world under attack from the CoronaVirus, it’s time that we take care of ourselves in a holistic way. And the first step is to work on our immunity. 

Our Immunity 

Immunity is having the right amount of natural resistance to infection, illnesses, and other diseases caused by the invasion of unwanted pathogens. 

Having low immunity brings many signs. Understand these signs to know when you have to do something about it. 

  • High-stress levels

Falling sick during high-pressure situations such as presentations or following emotional scenes is not a coincidence. Long-term stress hurts your immune system. 

  • Perpetually running nose

Developing a cold 2 or 3 times in a year is typical, lasting for around 7 to 10 days. It takes the immune system close to 4 days to develop the antibodies to fight off the germs. Constant cold or inability to get over it is a sign of low immunity. 

  • Slow-healing wounds

The healing process of a wound begins with healthy immunity cells. Skin is unable to regenerate if the immunity is sluggish. This is a clear sign of the need to boost your resistance. 

  • Frequent stomach upset 

Frequent gas, diarrhea, or constipation is a sign of a compromised immune system. This is because 70% of the immune system lies in the digestive tract. 

  • Tired or lethargic too often 

Feeling exhausted and lethargic more than you’d like is your body telling you to do something about the immune system. Your energy levels drop as a result of lowered immunity. 

The fight against illnesses 

The word out there is that it is challenging to control the pandemic without a vaccine. But then, there is something called herd immunity. Meeting no resistance, the virus spread quickly across communities. Stopping it will require a significant percentage of people to be immune. But how can we get to that point?

We will, when we ensure that we do whatever we can to bring enhanced immunity to ourselves as a society. 

Why natural booster for the immune system

Artificially enhancing the body to fight against germs can come with its own side effects. Adding more chemicals and other agents to your diet can bring more harm and good. It could be damage to the liver, indigestion, or constipation to begin with. 

It’s time we understand the true potential of Ayurveda and embrace it wholeheartedly to strengthen our immune system. 

Maharishi Ayurveda’s response to illnesses 

Maharishi Ayurveda brings you healthy supplements that naturally enhance your immune system by nourishing it with the right ingredients. 

Giloy Satva

Maharishi Ayurveda’s Giloy Satva is a potent ayurvedic formulation obtained from the maceration of the aqueous extract of the divine Giloy plant. The Giloy Satva helps you to enhance your immunity and keep you protected. Boost immunity and ensure strength and inner peace.

Ayush kwath

Maharishi Ayurveda Ayush Kwath is your must-have immunity booster that Fights Infection, Antibacterial, Anti Viral, and supports Prana and Udana.

Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is one of the most well known Rasayanas for daily health and longevity. By promoting Bala, or vital strength, Maharishi Ayurveda’s Amrit Kalash helps the body fight back disease.

Super Rasayana Immunity kit

Coined as “ the nectar of immortality,” the Combo kit consists of - Amrit Kalash, Prandhara, and Anu Taila. The biggest strength of the Super Rasayana Immunity Kit is that it increases immunity by addressing the source of imbalance without any side effects.

Immunity Plus Kit 

Longevity and immunity go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, Maharishi Ayurveda has put together all the elements that play a crucial role in enhancing your immune system. The Immunity Plus Kit consists of Chyawanprash, Organic Tulsi, Prandhara, and Anu Taila. 

Personal hygiene combo

Stay safe on the go with Maharishi Ayurveda’s Personal Hygiene Combo. Maharishi Ayurveda presents to you your own personal care and Hygiene Combo. Available in rose and neem fragrance, this kit is natural, ayurvedic, and gives you all the safety and confidence that you need during these uncertain times. Or you can get both and alternate, depending on your day. 

The pandemic is unique and unprecedented in many ways. It has not only crippled the world but has challenged the health care systems everywhere. Our attention has now been turned to our immune system. This is our body’s defense against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that we inhale, ingest, and touch every day. 

Don’t leave things to chance. Do everything you can to strengthen your immune system. Look for a long-term solution that you can adopt sustainably. 

Adopt the Ayurvedic way of life and watch your health turn for the better. Feel confident about yourselves and bring enhanced physical, mental and emotional health to your life.