Understand the impact of Modern Lifestyle on health

Tejas is a 17-year-old teenager studying commerce. Priya, Tejas’s mother, is worried about his health because he weighs more than 100 kgs. Tejas feels lazy to exercise and does not prefer to do any physical fitness. He comes home and spends hours on the computer playing video games, talking on the phone, watching movies, or engaging in some other mind-stimulating activity. After getting too little sleep, he jumps out of bed only to do it over again. Tejas does not spend quality time with his family. Priya blames the Modern lifestyle unhealthy habits for such an adverse situation. It has not only made him obese but also detached him from the family. 

Modern Lifestyle

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On the contrary, Priya is not entirely right. Modern lifestyle has also made our lives easier. Over the decades, much has changed, and we owe most of it to technology. Life has become more complex. Today, we can't think of living without smartphones and other gadgets. With the help of innovative inventions, many household chores can happen in a snap of time. There are convenient modes of transport that make our journey comfortable. Just as every coin has two sides, there are cons to this style of living and the most endangered one being a negative impact on our health. We have started to lead a sedentary lifestyle and no l

onger have the time to focus on our physical fitness and mental wellbeing. With modern technology, people have become lazier as most of the facilities are available at the click of a button. In other words, technology is being over-exploited.

Looking at the gravity of the situation, Priya took a decision to help her son. She started researching to understand the correlation between Modern Lifestyle and Health and various Modern Lifestyle habits that influences health.

The correlation between Modern Lifestyle and Health.

Lifestyle is an essential factor in health. Unhealthy behaviour can lead to illness, disability and even death. Recent medical reports show that there has been a rise in health-related issues like metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity. Research has proven that a healthy lifestyle like appropriate diet, satisfactory physical fitness level and a healthy weight can provide health benefits. In summary, for many of us, the modern lifestyle and the stress it causes affects our physical, psychological and social health. Hence, it has become vital to understand the relationship and maintain the right balance.

Various Modern Lifestyle habits that influence health

1. Unhealthy Diet

Diet is the most crucial factor in lifestyle and has a direct relation with health. The way people eat has also changed from before. Earlier, the diet used to include a lot of vegetables and fruits which gave nutritional value. With the fast-paced modern lifestyle, the diet has also become fast. In a competitive world, people have no time to cook meals or sit and eat slowly. As a result, people resort to fast-foods, frozen foods loaded with preservatives and skip on healthy nutritious food. This gives rise to unwanted diseases and afflictions. Obesity is on the rise and has become a chronic problem, along with diabetes and high blood pressure. Based on a study from NHFS, the number of obese people in India has doubled in the past ten years. Other bodies are relying on medicines and supplements rather than real nourishing food.

Modern Lifestyle health


2. Lack of physical fitness or exercise

Along with poor eating habits, lack of physical fitness is a significant problem in modern lifestyle. When it is together, it can cause damage to a person's health. The study from WHO tells that around 60-85% of the worldwide population does not engage in enough physical activity. So, why are we more sedentary now than fifty years ago? The answer is simple, technology because it results in more inactive modes of transport. It is one of the factors that lead to an increase in sedentary lifestyle and more sitting activities. Additionally, people do not have time because they are working more in a competitive world. So, how to relieve stress? The best way is to exercise regularly and work on your holistic wellness.

3. Lack of sleep

Many aspects of modern lifestyle like television, computer screens, longer commutes, the blurring of the line between work and personal time have contributed to sleep deprivation. For a healthy lifestyle, a person requires a minimum of seven hours of good sleep. Sleep deprivation prevents the body to strengthen the immune system and produce cytokines to fight infection. This means a person takes a longer time to recover from illness and increases the risk of chronic illness. It also affects body weight and leads to obesity. Lack of sleep can also lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Lifestyle on health

4. Substance Abuse

The modern-day addiction of alcohol, nicotine and many more carcinogenic substances has become a pursuit of pleasure. The easy availability of temptations along with constant stress results in an unprecedented epidemic of addiction, depression, anxiety and chronic disease.

5. Technology addiction

Modern technology brings certain advantages to people and makes things better, such as fast communication and ease of travelling. Machines are used for everyday chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, thereby reducing the need for physical work and over a while, making people dependent on it. Computers and the internet are a standard part of every household. Modern technology can bring us luxury, but when the problem starts when it becomes an addiction. Let us know how it affects health and fitness.

  • Excessive use of Cell phone: Lately, smartphones have become an essential part of every person's life. But, it can be a blessing or a curse. People have become obsessive and are losing the humane aspect of their lives. Constant staring at a screen causes short-sightedness, low concentration and other health risks.
  • Disturbed sleep: Technology addiction and excessive dependency on gadgets are causing people to develop poor sleeping habits. By staying up late, one develops a lack of concentration and focus.
  • Development in children: Research suggests that when children use more technology, it results in stunted cognitive growth and poor eyesight.
  • Overuse of technology as part of routine life can lead to neck and back pain.
Modern health

Based on her research, Priya understood that there are serious health consequences if Tejas is technology dependent and not physically active. As Aristotle rightly said, “The quality of life is determined by its activities”. She convinced Tejas to reduce his use, promptly turn off the computer or phone, spend quality time with family and head out for a hike or other tech-free adventure. But, only changing unhealthy lifestyle habits was not enough. Priya wanted to go beyond and find a better solution that could work on his holistic wellness. She researched further and realised that Ayurveda had a lot of potential and effect on lifestyle disorders. Priya was more convinced when she landed on the page of Maharishi Ayurveda.

Maharishi Ayurveda comes as a fulfilment of a worldwide search for a more effective system of health. It is free from harmful side effects and is capable of eliminating diseases from its source. They believe in solving your modern lifestyle problems in a way you want holistically and provide preventive care.

They are unique because they have created natural solutions for modern lifestyle challenges using ancient wisdom and validated using modern scientific clinic trails. Maharishi Ayurveda focuses on a lifestyle that promotes holistic health for your mind, body and soul driving significant improvement in your quality of life. Their ayurvedic solutions are relevant to deal with the challenges of a progressive, modern world. To know more, visit here.
Lifestyle on health

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