Powerful Flavorful Herb Ginger

A powerful, aromatic, gentle and flavorful herb, ginger root has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of ailments for centuries. The stunning health benefits are now being scientifically proven and they range from treating bacterial infections of digestion to cancer. The taste of ginger is pungent and hot. Ginger has made its way to the FDA’s list of generally safe foods.

As a spice, the use of ginger dates back 4000 years. The medicinal properties of ginger were discovered around 2000 years ago. It is one of the most revered medicines in Ayurveda. Ginger is often referred to as a root, but it is actually an underground stem called rhizome.

Ginger root is mostly used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting, especially after surgery. Ginger has occupied an important place as spice, delicacy and even as medicines. Apart from being used fresh, it is dried, powdered, pickled, or used in the form of juice or oil. In households, ginger tea is a favorite remedy for battling cold and flu. It has been recognized by Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties. 

Here are the best health benefits of ginger:

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Ginger contains a beneficial compound called gingerol, which helps in reducing pain and swelling. Gingerol suppresses the compounds that cause inflammation.

Reduces Nausea

Nausea commonly caused during pregnancy, while travelling especially in winding roads, motion sickness and patients undergoing chemotherapy. Ginger helps in smoothening functions of the body. It also helps increase the speed of absorption of the food. This makes it effective against nausea without having any side effects

Treats Flatulence

Formation of gas in the body is a natural process. But when excess of it happens, it becomes a matter of concern. Excess gas formation is known as flatulence and it causes pain and discomfort. Ginger is the solution for flatulence. Being an amazing carminative agent, it helps release this excess gas and prevents further accumulation. This way ginger prevents any damage to the delicate organs in the upper torso that may happen due to the excess gas pushing upwards from the stomach.

Treats Diarrhea

Ginger prevents stomach cramps. These cramps are a major cause of diarrhea. In the Chinese tradition, they generally give ginger powder to those suffering from diarrhea and the scientists today validate this property and function of ginger.

Increases Sweating 

Sweating detoxifies your body. Sweat cleans pores and takes out bodily toxins along with it. It also contains an anti-germ compound called dermcidin that has been seen to be effective in reducing bacterial and viral infections.

Promotes Weight Loss

Ginger roots also help in losing weight. It is touted as one of the biggest fat burners as it not only promotes general weight loss but also eliminates the stubborn fat from your body. 

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be caused due to exposure to toxic substances or due to ingestion of infected and stale food. Ginger oil is one of the best home remedies that eliminate the toxicity caused due to food poisoning from the body rapidly.