Raktda: Strength inside out

You have the power over your mind, not outside events. Once you start believing in this, there is born a sense of confidence and power that is quite unshakable. You need to understand that no matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them. 

The strength of iron is already there in our blood. Let’s read more about women and her relationship with iron. 

Women and Iron

Iron is a vital mineral. It is required to make healthy red blood cells. They are cells that carry oxygen around your body and give you energy. It is a medical fact that women are at risk of having low body stores of iron. This is because of menstruation and not consuming sufficient iron-rich foods to replace the losses. The numbers are alarming too. happy womens day, iron deficiency, iron absorption,Iron Tablets,Iron Deficiency Remedy, Ayurvedic Iron Tablets

One of the main reasons for such a low level of iron is an imbalanced diet. Consumption of iron-rich foods is low. Another reason is the fact that whatever iron that is consumed by the body is not being absorbed efficiently. Both issues have to be tackled. As part of the woman’s day campaign, let’s encourage women to understand herself and ensure that she takes in the right amount of healthy food. Now comes the tricky part. 

The body needs to be enabled to absorb the iron. Raktda is the enhancer that works with the body and empowers it to naturally absorb the iron from the digested food. It is then supplied to the body depending on the requirement. 

How does Raktda work? Let’s understand the composition of Raktda and what makes it the ideal choice of a natural remedy to enhance iron levels in the body of a woman. 

Some of the main ingredients of Rakta include 

  • Varatika Bhasma: Treatment of digestive impairment and loss of appetite 
  • Mukta shukti Pishti: Improves digestion power, provides a calming effect on the stomach 
  • Amalaki:  Treatment for high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Tej Patra: Balances Vata and Kapha Dosha. Promotes Pitta Dosha, promotes immunity 
  • Lavang: high in antioxidants, improve liver health, promotes bone health, regulate blood sugar
  • Chhuhara: Helps Maintain Bone Health, energy booster 
  • Draksha: improves strength and appetite
  • Kanta Lauh Bhasma: possesses vitality enhancing, strength promoting, anti-ageing  
  • Praval Pishti: antioxidant to improve your body's immunity and memory

These natural ingredients play a critical role to provide holistic care to a woman. This is very similar to Raktda. It is enriched with vitamin C that facilitates this absorption of the iron. It is also rich in calcium, minerals, iron and other herbs. The composition of Maharishi Ayurveda’s Raktda is truly fascinating. It brings together various natural and carefully hand-picked herbs that are synergistic. This is exactly what a woman needs for her to bring out her strong self. 

Now, what is a strong woman made up of? Let’s take a look at what her ingredients are

  • Never gives up: Yes. A strong woman decides her goals and works hard to achieve it. She would remind you of the Draksha in the Raktda. She will not only be strong but encourage you to be the same as well. 
  • Knows when to stop: Yes. She is not reckless. She knows what is worth it and where she should put in her efforts. This is similar to the Tej Patra. She brings balance to the table and concentrates on making herself a better person. 
  • Protects: A strong woman uses her strength and energy to protect the ones she cares for. The Praval Pishti in the Raktda is just the same - it improves your body’s immunity and enables it to fight various illnesses. 
  • Strong yet sensitive: She has the touch of the MuktaShukti Pishti and comes with a calming and sensitive touch. But don’t underestimate her strength. She also has the Kanta Lauh Bhasma in her. 
  • Self-sufficient: That’s right. A strong woman has everything that she needs. Very much like what Raktda is to her. Strength inside out. 

Maharishi Ayurveda’s Raktda 

Being soft and being strong is a combination very few have mastered. Statistically speaking, many women have managed to be successful in the attempt. This is because they have everything they need to conduct simple perspective shifts and achieve their goals. On this Women’s Day special, we would like to emphasize on the need for a natural supplement like Raktda. This is exactly what a woman needs to be strong from inside. The logic is simple. When your body is strong, you feel stronger inside; and vice versa. You feel more capable of handling strenuous as well as emotional situations. 

Let’s remember that we live from inside out and not outside in. Therefore, what we need to do is empower ourselves by taking a dose of Raktda every day. This is a natural and sustainable way of increasing the iron levels in the body without any side effects. Give us a call to take a strong resolution, this women’s day.

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