What makes Maharishi Ayurveda- Kasni so unique?

Recently, I met Sheela, who was worried about her cough that had been there for more than a week. It was keeping her awake at night and distracting her from work and social life. Sheela had tried all the home remedies, but no luck. Cough usually occurs due to irritation in the airways to the lungs. A typical cough usually subsides within two weeks, but sometimes it drags for a which can be frustrating again. 

A persistent cough can impact your life. It can sometimes occur due to seasons change or pollution in the air and brings with it a parade of illnesses, chronic cough, pollution led cough and cold being the more prominent ones. To know more about it, please read our blog “ Why do you get chronic cough & cold when seasons change?”. Cough can also be the result of environmental changes, wrong food habits, smoking or even low immunity. Sometimes, it can also be a sign of an allergy, viral infection or any other health conditions. 

In Sheela’s case, the home remedies did not give her instant relief. She required an extra touch which makes Maharishi Kasni a winner. It provides a backseat to your cold and cough. 

Maharishi Kasni- A Nature’s way of relieving cough

Chronic cough, asthma, sore throat, smokers cough, allergy, Kasni

With the onset of winter and the worry of pollution perpetually in the air, Maharishi Kasni can work as an ayurvedic remedy for fast relief from cough. It works effectively on Smoker’s cough, pollution led cough, Asthma, Chronic cough, Sore Throat or allergies in the most natural way. Maharishi Kasni is the only brand in the market that offers a cure for all types of cough.

People don’t believe that a natural alternative like Ayurveda can work and provide instant relief to their medical problems. They rely on other forms of treatment. But that’s not true. Try to use Maharishi Kasni because it is not just a home remedy. A team of professionals have researched and chosen the proven ingredients for the formulation. Kasni is not just a home remedy but a combination of traditional knowledge with modern science to bring to you the best of both worlds. 

What does it consist?

Chronic cough, asthma, sore throat, smokers cough, allergy, Kasni

Maharishi Kasni consists of ingredients that are part of known home remedies used for cough regularly. These ingredients have no side effects that create a unique blend to cure your cold and cough. Let us know them in detail.

  • Tulsi, Dalchini and South work as a natural expectorant and relieves cough.
  • Kakdasinghi and Talis Patra work as an astringent and antimicrobial to give relief from excessive coughing, shortness of breath, asthma and palpitations.
  • Mulethi works as a relaxant, dilate the oesophagus muscles and calm the lungs.
  • Adusa is a potent Bronchodilator.

The combination of all the above ingredients is carefully curated by ayurvedic experts to present as an effective remedy for all types of cough, without any side effects. 

What makes Maharishi Kasni unique?

  • Kasni SyrupBetter than other cough syrups: Kasni is 100% ayurvedic and does not bring any side effects that regular cough syrups do. 
  • Paraben-free: Paraben is a type of chemical which is present in many cough syrups. But, Kasni is a nature’s way of relieving cough. It lacks any substances
  • Non-Drowsy, Non-Addictive: Normally, when you take cough syrups they want to sleep. They are less active and are unable to concentrate on your work. But, Kasni ensures that you do not get drowsy or addicted to the product. It keeps alert and active throughout the day.
  • Safe for all ages: Be it any age group, Kasni can bring soothing relief to the ailments naturally. 
  • Non-Alcoholic: Unlike other cough syrups available in the market, Kasni does not contain alcohol. 
  • Pleasant Taste: Be honest, has your cough syrup ever tasted good? Kasni tastes better and makes it easy for anyone to consume.
  • Non-Constipating: Sometimes, cough syrups can cause constipation. But, Kasni’s natural properties do not have that side effect.
  • Cure for all types of cough: Any cough? Kasni is the answer. Very useful for Smoker’s cough, pollution led cough, Asthma, Chronic cough, Sore Throat or allergies.

Kasni’s Cough Syrup’s unique highlight is that it is a natural cure which is backed by science. Any cough can be painful. But, Kasni provides instant relief without any side effects. It is an all-inclusive health remedy for your cough and cold which is completely natural and holistic 

Be it dry or wet cough; you do not need to worry when Maharishi Kasni is there. KASNI IS NATURAL WAY OF RELIEVING COUGH