Exercise with Anemia

When a person is diagnosed with anemia, the body actually fails to produce enough healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen all around the body and it becomes difficult for an anemic person to exercise. However, that does not stop an anemic person to exercise. If you’re anemic and love to work out, you should follow these simple precautions to maintain your exercise routine and live healthily.

Start off slowly

If you’re anemic, you might feel fatigued due to less number of red blood cells present, which fails to satisfy the need of oxygen your body requires. Start with working out slowly and then gradually increase the intensity of overtime. You can also practice lower intensity exercises like yoga, or go for a walk in the morning.

Pause for a moment

Listen to your body always- If your body feels tired, wait and relax for some time. Take a break from whatever you’re doing. And also you should do what you can do without putting extra pressure on your body and feeling exhausted. So take out a few minutes and catch your breath.

Shorten your workouts

Working out for a few minutes is better than avoiding it. If the thought of getting on a treadmill for an hour is daunting you then you should start off with shorter workouts. Go for a walk around your area or try a short spurt of exercise at the gym.

Schedule your timing

Work out when you feel energetic. For few, morning is the best time to work out as they are packed with the utmost energy. For others, a late-night exercise session is when they hit their peak session. You should work out when you feel refreshed.

Consult with your doctor

Be sure to consult with your doctor and ensure your exercise routine is safe. And take proper suggestions from your doctor about your daily schedule. And you should make sure to follow all the treatment plan as prescribed.