Heart, BP and Sugar Levels - the golden triangle

In my previous blogs, I told you about how I found out Maharishi Amrit Kalash. When I did my full body checkup later, I saw the results, and I was indeed pleased about it. My immunity was higher than ever. My days were much better with improved sleep and higher productivity. My heart rate was stable; BP was normal, and so were the sugar levels. The impact of the Super Rasayana on my body is just beyond anything I had ever experienced. 

But there is something I would like to tell you about - the golden triangle. The key factors that I continuously keep an eye on to make sure that all is well with me are the heart, the blood pressure and the sugar levels. As a woman who has so much on her plate, I tend to lose track of things once in a while - like drinking water regularly and sleeping on time. We do not realise that everything we do or don’t do affects our overall health as well as the state of mind. We might tend to underestimate it, but it is time we take our health seriously. 

So, coming back to the golden triangle, I have realised that these three form a vital part of my health watch plan. Let’s talk about each one now. 

The Heart 

A healthy heart is critical to overall good health. For the heart to function smoothly and efficiently, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes the right food, timely sleep and regular exercise. This prevents heart diseases and reduces the risk of a heart attack. 

How do you know if your heart is healthy? The pulse tells the story. Each pulse will match up with the heartbeat that pumps the blood through your arteries. This pulse tells you the strength of your blood flow and eventually about the blood pressure in the various parts of your body. A strong heart means a healthy pulse. 

There are a few signs that you should look out for. A weak heart's symptoms include fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, reduced stamina, and inability to exercise. The pressure is another thing to keep an eye on as well. 

Blood Pressure 

The blood pressure numbers are made up of a numerator and a denominator. It would be best if you kept an eye on both of them. The first is systolic blood pressure, and the second is diastolic blood pressure. You must know both. As the heartbeats, blood is pushed to the rest of the body. This force creates pressure. This is the systolic blood pressure. The diastolic blood pressure is when the heart rests between the beats. This is the time taken when the heart fills with blood and receives oxygen. 

The logic is simple. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure. On the other hand, blood pressure drops with a decrease in the blood volume. High blood pressure can be due to stress, obesity, high salt and low physical activity; dehydration, heart issues, blood loss and lack of nutrients could cause low blood pressure. A natural remedy for blood pressure is the right solution. An easy way to relieve stress would include meditation. 


We underestimate the need to keep a calm mind. It is not just about how you react to situations, but it also helps you take care of your health and state of mind. A calm mind is truly one of the keys to a healthy body. You need the best ayurvedic medicine for heart health and a natural remedy for blood pressure for holistic health. Apart from this, cholesterol levels should also be controlled as these are another risk factor for heart disease. Often, it is found that individuals with high cholesterol levels are unaware that their cholesterol levels are high. It’s important that they incorporate an Ayurvedic medicine Lipomap to keep this under control.


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Sugar Levels 

Normal sugar levels are critical to preventing long-term health issues, maintaining a healthy weight and feeling good overall. High sugar leads to damage to the vessels that supply blood to the vital organs. This increases the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Low sugar levels, on the other hand, cause weakness and dizziness. Other symptoms include stress, nervousness and anxiety. 

Home remedies for sugar control include increased fibre intake, lots of water and regular exercise. This is not just for those who are prediabetic but anyone who wishes to avoid health complications in the future. Being a genetic condition, it is prudent to keep an eye on this number if it runs in your family. 

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The Golden Triangle

The health of your heart and your blood pressure is very intricately connected. High blood pressure could damage your arteries, make them less elastic, and decrease blood and oxygen flow to the heart. The sugar levels are the third point of this triangle. People with diabetes have a tendency to develop heart diseases at a younger age than those without diabetes. 

I have read that more than 35% of the population live with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes or cardiac issues ( heart disease or stroke). The worst part is that 90% of us don’t even know it. Living life in a worried manner is not something I would recommend. So, the next best thing to do is to live life healthily and naturally. This would include a healthy diet, nourishing meals, regular exercise and adequate sleep. Your state of mind improves automatically, and your health numbers are also looking good. 

The three factors - Heart, Blood Pressure, and Sugar Levels - need to be taken care of every day. It is not something you should or can afford to take for granted. I used to worry about how to keep an eye on them every day. Now, I do not worry. I have found the best way to take care of myself and my family. Ayurveda for health is where I found the solution. 

This is why I would recommend Maharishi Amrit Kalash. I have done my research .I don’t take health lightly, and neither should you. It is essential that we watch what we eat. Natural supplements are key to holistic health. It is not easy for us to cook healthy food all the time. Sometimes, we end up cutting short the work in the kitchen and sticking to simple food. At times like these especially, you should add something to your diet that will take care of you when you do not have the time to. 

The human body is an amazing thing. Everything is so well-connected. At the same time, you need to ensure that you do not take it for granted. There is no age limit to heart issues or high blood pressure. It is not just about age but also about stress levels, lifestyle, and how we handle life itself. You need the best ayurvedic medicine for heart health. 

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is one of the best Super Rasayanas for very good reasons. It is used for treating various problems related to overall health, holistic wellbeing, and premature ageing. In order to achieve longevity, you must take proper care of your body and mind while maintaining the balance of the doshas. Constant pressure, irregular diet and lack of exercise can really hurt you. This Ayurvedic Rasayana is a combination of all-natural and potent herbs. This elixir of life is a must if you want to restore your health and lead a fit and long life. Ayurveda for health all the way.