5 secrets of healthy gut

With the festive season around - you might get completely exhausted with parties, sweets, high-fat foods, etc., which causes digestive drama. The food that we consume really affects gas, bloating, fatigue and indigestion. You should be thankful to your gut for it has an amazing system populated with trillions of microorganisms referred to as gut microbiota. Earlier it was the most ignored part of a body organ, but now it is given more importance as it does much more than only digesting food, absorbing nutrients or discarding waste products. Some foods are good for the gut and it boosts the good bacteria. Our gut is happy when we have a balance of good and bad bacteria.  There are certain factors that disturb the balance and it causes harm to the health of the gut. Here are a few tips to relinquish that gut and strengthen your digestion.

Kick-start your day with lemon water

The ancient holistic Ayurveda text says the first thing to be consumed in the morning is a glass full of lukewarm water blended with a spoonful of raw honey, and fresh lemon juice. It helps in cleaning the digestive tract if taken on an empty stomach. Drinking lukewarm lemon water vitalizes you from within. This simple morning ritual helps to kick-start your metabolism, aids weight loss, and it serves as an antioxidant boost. 

Eat food that is good for gut health

According to Ayurveda, in order to keep your body fresh and healthy, you should eat fresh. Stale food loses its life force which leads you to feel sluggish. And so you should not depend on the leftover or frozen food, rather spend some time and prepare fresh warm food. You can include other things in your diet like Dairy products - yogurt, kefir which boosts your gut and promotes the growth of good bacteria ‘lacto bacillus’. Bananas are a good source of potassium, fibre and magnesium that boosts digestion and helps prevent inflammation. It also helps flush toxins from your body. Apple cider vinegar generates hydrochloric acid in the body which helps in easy digestion of fats and carbs present in the body. It is helpful in reducing irritable bowel syndrome and helps reduce body weight. Avoid processed food as it causes the good bacteria to struggle in the environment and it results in yeast infection, food sensitivity and many other problems.

Eat only when your stomach demands

If you eat when you’re not hungry, you face problems like bloated tummy and it leaves you feeling uneasy. Only when your stomach is empty then your digestive enzymes break down the food that you consume. Don’t race while you eat. If you take out some quality for your food it can give you huge digestive benefits.  As recommended by Ayurveda experts, ‘you should eat in a calm seated environment and focus on the quantity of food we are eating and concentrate on chewing of the food properly’. There is a tendency in people they only chew a couple of bites before swallowing, which causes the belly to work more than the teeth, which at times results in the bloated tummy.

Sip healthy drinks

When you’re properly hydrated, it gets easier for the food to pass through the digestive system. It is recommended for you to sip warm water as it takes around half an hour to digest. Whereas is the case of cold water, it takes an hour, that’s because the body needs to work extra to heat up the cold water before it can absorb it. Another healthy drink is ginger tea it helps to banish bloating and it’s astonishing if you take it after your meal. It helps to burn through the drowsiness and headiness caused by food. Don’t drink too much, as ginger is fiery in nature and can cause harm in case of people suffering from acid indigestion.

Step out to relax

There is a link between the mind and the gut and if you spend some time out, it helps you pacify the mind and it improves your mental health. Take a walk in the morning and enjoy the beautiful scenery and inhale fresh air, it benefits your metabolism and rejuvenates you from within. After your meal, you can go for a gentle walk or relax for a few minutes to let the body absorb the food and help in the easy flow of blood in the stomach.