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During the middle of the pandemic, many companies implemented voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. That means many of us dealt with an unusual challenge: working from home for the first time, full-time. Even if you have done it before, working from home due to coronavirus felt like a whole new world. Structure, routine, focus, socialisation, networking, stress relief—their creation was entirely up to you. Irrespective of the challenges, it was a new normal that everyone had to deal with.

In this situation, the young professionals struggled the most to get their work done. As per the survey, higher levels of anxiety and sleeplessness were reported by millennials rather than Baby boomers and Generation Xers. Also, 60% of millennials said they were more anxious during the lockdown than Generation Xers and Baby Boomers. Amid the crisis, millennials were sleeping and exercising less than older people. But, is it only the pandemic that made the lives of young professionals complex? The answer would be 'No'. Many modern lifestyle unhealthy habits have affected young professionals drastically.

Today, millennials can't think of living without smartphones and other gadgets. With the help of innovative inventions, there are convenient modes of transport that make their journey comfortable. They lead a sedentary lifestyle and don't have the time to focus on their physical fitness and mental wellbeing. With modern technology, young professionals have become lazier as most of the facilities are available at the click of a button. In other words, technology is being over-exploited.

Lifestyle is an essential factor in health. Unhealthy behaviour can lead to metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity. Research has proven that a healthy lifestyle like an appropriate diet, satisfactory physical fitness level and a healthy weight can provide multiple health benefits. In summary, for young professionals, the modern lifestyle affects their physical, psychological and social health. Hence, it is vital to understand the relationship and maintain the right balance.

Understand the challenges faced by young professionals during the pandemic.

Lack of space

Most of the youngsters live in cramped spaces that they share with other flatmates to save on rent. Most of them don't even have a basic workstation at home. Therefore, the work from home scenario has resulted in a lack of space, at times adversely affecting the individuals' productivity and efficiency.

Lack of well-balanced meal

Most of the young professionals are pursuing their jobs in other cities away from their homes. That's why they depend on office canteens for their meals. But, the pandemic situation has put them in a quandary. Young professionals are getting a first-hand lesson in home management for the first time, and they depend a lot on ready to cook meals.

Lack of perks

Many young professionals prefer public transport for their daily commute. Therefore, the money saved on travel helps them in some other place. Also, ergonomic furniture to help with posture, a coffee machine that always worked, a pantry with cookies, and unlimited access to the internet and electricity are some of the perks that professionals, especially in their mid or late 20s and 30s, cannot afford to have at home.

Lack of environment

Nowadays, a lot of money is spent designing office spaces to make them more comfortable for employees to spend long hours. The layout is made to encourage more interdepartmental interactions. Also, many offices have a gym and a recreational room to help employees unwind. Little touches add to the appeal of office space. The pandemic has resulted in the absence of a healthy environment that has taken a toll on these young professionals' mental and physical health.

Understand the various lifestyle habits and their effect on the health of young professionals.

Unhealthy Diet

Unhealthy Diet

Lack of physical fitness or exercise

Along with poor eating habits, lack of physical fitness is a significant problem in modern lifestyle. When it is together, it can cause damage to a person's health. Technology is one of the factors that lead to an increase in sedentary lifestyle and more sitting activities. Additionally, people do not have time because they are working more in a competitive world.

Lack of sleep

Many aspects of modern lifestyle like television, computer screens, longer commutes, the blurring of the line between work and personal time have contributed to sleep deprivation. For a healthy lifestyle, a person requires a minimum of seven hours of good sleep. Sleep deprivation prevents the body from strengthening the immune system and produce cytokines to fight infection. This means a person takes a longer time to recover from illness and increases the risk of chronic illness. It also affects body weight and leads to obesity.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash- The Super Rasayana for young professionals

To overcome the above challenges, one needs a health supplement to take care of the body constantly. A holistic remedy that is natural and powerful. Since you need to have these supplements every day, chemicals are ruled out. You need something that will protect your body, help you defend against illnesses and infections and empower you to live life completely. You need holistic wellness now.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash plays a significant role. With this Super Rasayana, you can manage to take care of yourself. The frequency of illnesses will come down, and you will sleep better. Stress levels will be reduced, heart health and memory will increase, leading to better productivity. And the best part is that there are no side effects.

As a young professional, Maharishi Amrit Kalash as an ayurvedic supplement is the need of the hour. Take care of yourselves naturally. Bring holistic wellness with the goodness of 53 time-tested natural herbs and minerals. Bring Maharishi Amrit Kalash into your lives.

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