Ayurveda at workplace

“How was your day?”, “Everything went well?” these are few words that you always get to hear when you return from work. For many of us, work is a place that opens up ourselves and gives wings to your creativity and spirit. Our jobs can bring experience, fulfilment, fortune, gratitude and sometimes stress anger or worry into our lives. And for most of us, work is a combination of the ‘yay, awesome!’ and the not-so-awesome. Work life needs to be balanced so that the creativity from within and the ability to solve problems easily. Productivity and efficiency are at their best when you feel good, so how can you feel good when you spend all your time working? The first move towards balanced work life can be made, by shifting to a place of gratitude for what your job provides. Design a “dinacharya” for yourself that can help you truly boom, at home as well as work.

Begin your day in the right manner

Go to bed saying “Today was a good day”, this is the beginning of a new next day. Eat warm home cooked meals three hours before going to bed (consume easy-to-digest meals). Dim the lights of your room play soft music and lie down on your bed. Avoid watching TV; put away your computer and cellphones. These small practices can soothe your environment and help you get to sleep. Wake up when the sun rises. Practice some yoga exercises to start your day fresh. Prepare fresh warm meals for breakfast; always drink lukewarm water to remove toxins from your body. When you try inculcating all these small practices in your daily routine, you will wake up healthy and fresh and your entire day will be balanced.

Aromatherapy in the office

When you’re wearing multiple hats, struggling with a limited budget and trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, you definitely might be dealing with stress. To counter stress you need a few relaxation-inducing tools at your disposal to maintain your sanity. Aromatherapy in the workspace can give a quick, no fuss face-lift. A therapeutic aroma has a calming, stress-relieving effect on us. Invest in essential oils that can truly enhance your work environment. They encourage focus, purify the air, boosts mind, and maintains every office's personality accordingly. Use the aroma that smells best to you at the time. Check with your co-workers before diffusing essential oils in the office, and make sure you’re diffusing in a well-ventilated space.

Right Bite

Our digestive fire is stronger between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Ayurveda recommends that it’s the best time to consume your largest meal of the day (lunch). Refuel and nourish yourself with fresh, warm cooked foods full of life force and which is easy to assimilate. Do not race around and spend money on fast food and eat such food that doesn’t make you happy. Pack your lunch full of nutrients and healthy food.

Stimulate digestion

If you have weak digestion, you are suggested to take a walk or sipping a cup of hot tea to help fire up your digestion. Having a heavier meal during lunch and lighter meal during the night can balance your digestive system and remove the post-lunch drowsiness. Ditch the refrigerated drinks and favor warm water throughout the day. A glass of warm water flushes out toxins helps break down the food in your stomach and keeps the digestive system on track. Carry your own thermos of hot water to work.

Move as much as you can

Few exercises practised at work are good for all our tissues and our Agni. Climb up using stairs and walk as much as you can. Do not sit for long hours, take a break in between, walk or stand at your desk, do not lean on your chair keep your back straight. Unbroken hours spent seated in a chair can hurt your back. Keep changing your postures to avoid hurting your back.


We must follow all parts of our daily routine, as they are very important, but Transcendental Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Just take out few minutes twice a day and practice meditation as it has the potential to create a sense of calm and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Be goal-oriented

Allow all your goals to be a part of your day, it can be eating good foods, have clear goals and try and accomplish your goals. Take projects; help your co-workers with their work. Intentions allow us to point ourselves in the direction of our true nature, keeps us grounded and give a sense of self to all we do. Breathe deeply, listen clearly and stay open to new ideas.

Amrit Kalash is designed to bring back balance to your body. Because, when your mind, body and soul work together in perfect harmony you lead a life that is Active, Energetic, Stress-free and Youthful. This helps in improving your productivity at work.