Can a strong immune help fight cancer?

How do we get cancer?

“Why me? Why did I get cancer? I don’t have any bad habits. It is so unfair. What did I do wrong? “

When men asked these questions, no one had an answer. Sometimes, these questions just cannot be answered. We could avoid everything we should not do, and yet not be able to have complete control over what could happen. But it is not about what we do not do, but how we take care of ourselves that makes a difference.

To be able to fight cancer, we need to understand it and how it affects our body.

What is cancer? How does cancer affect our body?

According to the Cancer Centre, Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and instead grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. These extra cells may form a mass of tissue, called a tumour. Some cancers, such as leukaemia, do not form tumours.

Cancer can occur in any part of the body, and the symptoms are almost negligent until sometimes, it’s progressed too far. Treatment options include surgery (to remove the tumour), chemotherapy (chemicals to kill cancer) and radiation (X-rays to kill cancer).

The common reactions to cancer include fear, disbelief, sadness, anxiety and anger. The best thing to do is to take care of the mental and emotional needs before getting to the treatment. The physical implications include fever, pain and fatigue, loss of appetite, and changes in physical appearance.

Immunity and cancer

The immune system plays a vital role in fighting cancer. By recognizing native and non-native cells, the fight goes on. A fever is a classic symptom of this fight against illnesses. There is a perpetual battle between good and evil in the body. The immune system takes the side of the good to fight infections - the evil. Emerging technology, advanced treatments and research doctors are working to understand how the immune system works, how the cancer cells fight the immune system and how we can strengthen it to fight cancer.

If the immune system is this strong, how could it often fail in fighting cancer? That is because cancer can overpower it. There is a delicate balance between the power of the mutated cells and that of the immune system. When the immune system misses identifying and responding to the threat, the body could get affected by cancer.

Can a weak immune cause cancer?

A weak immune system has many side effects such as frequent illnesses, blood disorders, delayed growth and development. It is believed that cancer is not too far away. Feeling tired all the time and sudden extreme fatigue are some of the things to look out for to identify a weak immune system.

How does the cancer beat the immune system?

Cancer cells learn to develop new ways to deactivate the immune cells. This is by producing molecules that stop them from functioning. The cancer cells also alter the local environment, making the place hostile for the immune cells to function.

Can a strong immune fight cancer?

A strong immune system can assist in detecting the tumour early enough to increase the chances of fighting it and reduce the chances of recurrence. Immunotherapy is a highly recommended treatment that uses certain parts of a person's immune system to fight diseases such as cancer.

Can the cancer go away naturally?

It is not known to happen. It is not correct for a patient to stop treatment either. Active enhancement of the immune system is always a must, irrespective of the status of the person’s health.

How can you deal with cancer?

Chronic cases of cancer cannot be cured. However, with a boosted immune system, this disease can be controlled for a few months, sometimes even years. Data has shown that there are chances that the cancer could go into remission.

At what age does the immune system weaken? What are the signs?

The immune system weakens with age. The first signs are seen in the late thirties and early forties. There are a few signs of the decrease in the levels of the immune system. Some of them are high-stress levels, perpetual cold, slow-healing wounds, and feeling tired all the time.

Jumpstart the immune system naturally

There are five things you can do to help boost your immunity naturally and fight cancer:

1. Plenty of fluids

Eight glasses of water per day have always been the norm. For those who struggle with this number, a routine can be set to ensure adequate hydration. This means a glass of water after waking up and certain fixed times. Some apps remind you to drink water as well. Deal with lack of energy with a glass of water and watch yourselves feel better almost instantly.

2.Regular exercise

Exercises can not only keep you fit, but it also keeps illnesses away by boosting your immunity. It stimulates blood circulation, thus allowing the cells and the elements of the immune system to travel through the body to work effectively.

3. A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is the answer to many solutions, the most important of them all being enhancing the immune system. This is a regenerative process that helps you strengthen your body’s first line of defence against germs and viruses. Feeling tired all the time and sudden extreme fatigue can also come from lack of sleep.

4. Lesser stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of immunity. Stress drains your body and brings fatigue to your physical and mental being. Participate in activities and hobbies that help you rejuvenate your mind and get stronger physically with boosted stamina and immunity. The lack of energy you could feel, could very well be stress-related.

5. A balanced diet with probiotics

Eat well and eat healthy proportions. Include fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains to enhance your level of nutrients. Add probiotics to your diet for boosted immunity.

What can fight cancer cells in the body?

The war against cancer includes diet - the most prominent weapon. Doctors say that if your plate is filled with natural items such as plant food, and avoid processed food and saturated fats, you are in for a good start. The following items have shown a lot of promise as cancer-fighting soldiers and play the roles of ayurvedic immunity boosters.

Folate-rich foods for protection against mutation of cells. E.g., cereals

Vitamin-D rich food to curb the growth of cancer. E.g., milk

Cruciferous Vegetables to ward off cancer. E.g., broccoli

Curcumin-rich foods to kill cancer cells in certain cancers and prevent from growing further. E.g., turmeric

Cancer and Ayurveda as a complementary treatment process

The most significant difference between allopathy and Ayurvedic treatment of cancer is that with Ayurveda, treatments are not aggressive in nature. It empowers the body with self-healing abilities and purifies and supports the tissues to ensure natural recovery. While radiation and chemotherapy help fight cancer, the body is heavily depleted and requires support to sustain. Ayurveda has become a complementary treatment to support this process. It includes natural and herbal health supplements along with Ayurvedic health practices such as meditation & yoga, special diets with specific timings and bowel cleansing. There are ayurvedic medicines for fatigue and tiredness that are quite the popular choice.

Maharishi Ayurveda’s fight against cancer

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is an Ayurvedic compound that contains 53 hand-picked herbs that are rich in antioxidants. A time-tested and scientifically-proven remedy, this Super Rasayana has been recommended as an additional supplement along with chemotherapeutic drugs. It reduces the related side effects such as nausea and vomiting and enhances the general well-being of patients.

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