Healthy Indian Foods

The first word that comes to your mind when one thinks of Indian food is Hot, spicy, oily, rich, fatty, etc. We Indians love eating food; every Indian state includes an array of healthy spices in their dishes. India has a variety of dishes and so we keep eating. Let us take a look at different foods that not only has great taste but also have a health factor related to it. Indian food and spices are not only delicious and flavorful but also add a lot of benefits to our health.

Pulses or Dal

It is a very good source of vitamins and minerals and is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. If you have started a slimming diet regime, include moong dal in your diet, since it is low in fat content. Pulses are also rich in protein and dietary fibre which helps control blood sugar level and also helps in digestion. These pulses when cooked with other vegetables and with less oil, proves to be even more beneficial.


It is a South Indian soup made of tamarind, pepper, tomato, curry leaves, cumin and other spices. Rasam has a distinct sour, peppery and chilly taste that makes it a true repository of flavours. It is an extract from toor dal and is poured on rice as the first course of a south Indian meal. Rasam is a bank of essential vitamins and minerals which are ideal for proper nutrition.

Indian Curries

Indian curries are known worldwide for their texture, spiciness and oiliness. Whole spices give a unique flavour to Indian dishes. For a creamy texture, you can add homemade yogurt instead of cream. By using these healthy cooking procedures, will not only make you healthy but will keep the flavour intact. The vegetable contains lots of minerals and nutrients, and turmeric-the main spice in curry powder- has anti-inflammatory effects. Curry without a little heat is lame, chilli the usual kick of choice, is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. Whole spices like, cumin- has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, coriander seeds and cinnamon both reduce blood sugar levels, and garlic added in most curries pours in fantastic nutritional qualities like reducing blood pressure, cholesterol levels and eject viruses from the body through our respiratory tract. Good quality ingredients are vital and if that’s missing in a curry it can become greasy.


It is a yogurt-based side dish and can be eaten with a number of Indian dishes like Parathas, Kebabs and Biryani etc. Raita is a simple preparation made by adding fruits, vegetables and spices. It not only helps in neutralizing the strong and spicy flavours of Indian dishes, but it is also packed with healthy nutrients. Ingredients used in the recipe are low in calories; yogurt is filled with good bacteria that are effective for the digestive tract. Raita dish is an excellent source of all required nutrients with incredible healing properties for various health problems.


If you are thinking of switching to a healthy diet, then upma is a healthy breakfast choice. This dish is popular in South India. The porridge is usually made from dry roasted semolina/Suji, which is high on nutrition and low on carbs. This delicacy is a must try as it is a perfect amalgamation of taste and health. Make your daily bowl of upma extra healthy by adding vegetables and nuts to it.