The final piece of life’s health puzzle

Do you know how sometimes your life can change with a phone call? Mine did. And not just my life, but my father’s and husband’s as well. I feel so proud to have made this decision. We all take the time to reach this point. Life comes with its ups and downs, and we need to learn and understand what happened and why it did. Sometimes, when you simply take action without any conviction, it might not impact you. This is because you are blindly following it. And Lord knows, when something else comes up, you are more than likely to change your mind without further thoughts. But this is my life, and I have made a conscious choice that affects not just my life but also everyone around me. 

In these unprecedented times, I think we should act proactively and not reactively. We should not wait for something to happen before we take action. When the pandemic hit, we were hit really hard. We did not understand how important our health was and how much we should prioritize it until COVID-19 changed the way we lived. If we now take a look at our shopping list, it is more healthy and wise. We have understood the difference between what we want and what we need. 

With the stress of working from home, unmanageable deadlines, and inability to work without interruption because everyone was at home, we started to show signs of different health issues. My father had severe headaches. My husband could not sleep properly at night. My son became restless because he was home all day and could not meet his friends. And I was tired and angry a lot. Dealing with so many things at one time required way more energy than before. By five in the evening, I had reached my limits. I decided to see what to do about it. Like everyone else, I asked Google. 

The internet was filled with too much information. With numerous opinions floating around, I was unsure what to believe and what to do. I had long conversations with my mother who finally convinced me that it was time to go back to our roots and embrace what nature always had to offer. We lost it on our way to achieving our goals, but now we have found what we really need. 

My mother’s first advice was to stop purchasing products that could lead to side-effects, thanks to the chemicals it could contain and start living an Ayurvedic Life. Stress should be tackled on high priority for a healthy and happy life.  She started sending me pictures of all the plants and how she curated her diet with them. She then told me about the herbs that helped her stay healthy no matter what. She talked about the various ways she included turmeric, cardamom, long pepper, and ghee in the meals. Every single ingredient holistically enhanced health. And as she named the elements, I could automatically connect it with this product I saw earlier. 

With stress at its highest levels and various health issues cropping up, I researched online about what to do. Maharishi Ayurveda’s name came up every time. And this one product caught my eye. Maharishi Ayurveda’s Amrit Kalash has everything that my mother would approve and appreciate. I got very excited and told her about it. 

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 I looked up further and then spoke to my mother about it. I gave her an excellent summary that I am happy to share with you as well. Maharishi Amrit Kalash is an ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Rasayana known to provide balance and strength to the body’s immune system. This happens when the product protects the body against free radical damage. I looked it up further to see that it was indeed one of the most powerful Rasayanas that give energy as no other solution can. Isn’t that amazing? In fact, the latest research showed that Maharishi Amrit Kalash was 1000 times more effective than Vitamin C and E. The process to make this Super Rasayana is just mind-blowing. It takes 250 careful steps to prepare this special product. Twenty kilograms of raw ingredients are required to produce one kilogram of this concentrate. The dual pack comes with tablets too. Both the paste and the tablet are known to give abundant benefits for overall health.  

This is called the Super Rasayana of Health for a reason. Time-tested. Scientifically proven. Recommended by doctors. Completely natural. No side effects. There is absolutely every reason why Maharishi Amrit Kalash should be a part of everyone’s life.

Considering the fear that everyone has today because of the pandemic, the lockdown, and the inability to have a normal regular life, we all need a natural solution to empower us to face the outside world. 

Take a look at some more benefits of Maharishi Amrit Kalash

  • Increases longevity, memory, and intelligence.
  • Enhances immunity, elevates energy levels.
  • Decreases the effects of ageing and enhances overall well-being.
  • It has 1000 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C or E.
  • Improves three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall.
  • Improves the function of the nervous system, respiration, circulation, and elimination.
  • Boosts productivity and enhances creativity and also reduces fatigue, and combats stress.
  • Improves the junction points or gaps in the step-by-step transformation of the seven tissues—plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, and reproductive fluid.

I started taking the Super Rasayana along with my father and my husband. My father, being diabetic, was really pleased about Maharishi Amrit Kalash's sugar-free version. In a couple of months, I could see a lot of changes in the household. Stress levels, along with tension reduced. We were not yelling at each other all the time now. Dinner time was more relaxed. I did not feel like I was hit by a truck. There were metabolic changes, improvement in digestion, and more stamina. My house became a happier environment on the whole. 

I am Mrs. Indu Balakrishnan, and this is my Ayurvedic Journey to a life of health, immunity, and youthfulness.