Healthy tips for today’s active women

For many women, in today’s robotic world, it has become difficult to find a moment of relief. Women juggle between family, career, raising children and maintaining a social life. Working women try to prove themselves by working more. She manages her routine within a certain period of time by putting herself in extreme pressure. A woman has more expectations, she prefers to be a superwoman and doesn’t want any of her roles to get hampered. Whatever a woman eats today determines her future health. Adolescence is the right time to pamper you and to prevent adulthood diseases. Ayurveda has a few suggestions that can help you stay active throughout.

Grab your breakfast

It is said that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. It is the healthiest and the most important meal of the day. Morning breakfast helps in weight management, burns fat, keep a check on blood sugar level, lower downs the chances of heart conditions, sharpens brain and increases concentration power. You must take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule to make and eat some nutrient-rich food in the morning. Fresh fruit juice, fruit salad, oatmeal, whole grain bread, low-fat milk are some good breakfast options which take minimum time to make a great difference in your busy active life. A woman requires 25 grams of fibre to remain active throughout the day. 

Keep your Vata in check

To keep your body balanced, you need to nurture your Vata dosha. If your vata dosha is not balanced properly, then you might face problems like anxiety, stress, and tension. To balance the vata dosha is important as it is the ultimate way to keep you calm and healthy. Vata dosha is a mind-body operator which governs all sorts of movements in the body. In order to maintain vata dosha, you need to follow a proper healthy routine, sleep on time and get up early in the morning, exercise regularly, meditate to calm yourself, take complete rest and don’t skip meals. All these practices help keep vata dosha in control.

Spend time with family and friends

It is not easy to turn on to a new thing when you are already busy in your daily life. All the good habits can be followed together with your family and friends. A woman is more concerned about her family and children than herself. Make a healthy routine for you and your family like morning exercise, follow a healthy breakfast routine, take complete rest, not skipping on meals, cooking healthy foods, planning trips with family and friends. Plan all these healthy practices to stay fit from inside. And not only keep yourself fit, teach your children as well to follow all these healthy habits to stay fit and avoid adulthood diseases. It is said spending time with your family and friends can help you reduce stress and gives you motivation to be more active in your life. 

Spend time with family and friendsTake out some Me-Time to renew yourself

Once a week take out time from your busy work and family life and go to places where you feel fresh and breathe out all the stress and tension. If you like to sing or dance, take classes once in a week, meet a friend out and go to spas. Listen to your inner soul, meditate to know more about yourself, be around people with positive vibes. Do things that make you happy, which relieves you from stress. Self-renewal leads to having a more balanced life. All the activities that you do make you happy, and re-energize you and makes you feel fresh.

A good sleep relieves stress

Today’s all active women have this tendency to do a lot for others and forget themselves. While working hard to keep your family and the outer world happy you ignore the tired you. As we all know a good night’s sleep help you wake fresh. When we sleep our body sleeps but our brain is still active. Sleep lays the groundwork for a productive day ahead. Getting the right amount of sleep is a key to a fresh and stress-free day.

Healthy food habits

 A healthy diet is a keystone of health. A woman’s daily nutritional requirement is different from men. You should enjoy a variety of healthful foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products. To maintain a balanced, healthy life a woman should include iron-rich foods to their diet, which has a key to good health and it increases the energy level in women. Women who are physically more active require more calories. You can balance your calories with activities. Regular activities help control weight, stress management and strength of muscles. To get a strong immune system you should consume warm, freshly cooked meal which balances vata dosha.

The key ingredient required for a healthy bowl of life is to have a stress free mind, soul and emotions. Take out time today for a healthy investment for the lifetime. You may feel you are lagging behind in the fast-paced world, but lagging behind in health will cost you more. Taking care of yourself is an essential thing you can do for your family.