Raktda- The secret natural ingredient to a healthy women

Women are known to have bodies that are complex and powerful. It is contiously changing due to monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, early motherhood, age and menopause. Also, erratic lifestyles, poor diet, tiredness, stress, workload, studies, the family are some common issues that often deprive today's women of maintaining a healthy life balance. 

A female body requires to be healthy from within to deal with any challenges and adapt to changes that life brings. Whether married and raising a family, retired, or flying single, she needs the energy by managing daily iron requirements of her body. She can have as many allopathic medicines or iron supplements, but it does not provide a sustainable solution for the long term. Women need something that can help them stay balanced at every age and stage of life.

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Importance of Iron across all ages

a) For Teens

Young women deal with rapid transition and changes during their teenage years. This stage is exciting, but all those hormonal fluctuations and changes can feel a little overwhelming at times. Moreover, iron needs to go up dramatically in the teen years. Based on research, during the preadolescent (ages 9 to 13) stage, girls need about 0.7-0.9 mg of iron daily. As they grow (ages 14-18), their muscle mass increases, and blood volume expands. This increases their need for iron, so the recommendation jumps to 15 mg of iron daily. Despite the abundance of iron in various foods, teens sometimes consume less of this mineral than their developing bodies require. Girls also need to replace iron stores lost during menstruation. Therefore, they often become at risk for iron deficiency. Teens need a solution that manages their iron levels naturally and lay the foundation for lifelong health. 

b) 20's and 30's

As young women start their careers, move away from home and embark upon adventures, they become more prone to stress. Most of the time, stress can lead to anxiety, which can contribute to low iron levels in the body. So, science is that if you are under a lot of stress, your body could use up a lot of magnesium. If the magnesium reaches a minimum level, then young women are at risk of iron deficiency. Also, women wanting to have children need good iron levels to make extra blood for the baby. Women at this age want to fulfil their dreams and maintain a work-life balance. They need the right support.

c) 40's and 50's

During their 40s and 50s, women undergo important changes in their lives. They begin to notice signs like dry skin and symptoms of menopause (like hot flashes and emotional ups and downs). They also require physical, emotional, and mental support during the midlife transition. Women at this age need time tested formulas to enhance their body ability to maintain iron levels. 

d) 60's and 70's

For many women, the 60s and 70s provide the opportunity for a rebirth. This is the age where people retire and turn their attention to family, travel, hobbies, and passions. On the other hand, some women will continue to thrive on the vigors of their careers and will find themselves in a powerful position. Whatever the path at this stage, women need the energy in the blood to keep them at their best and brightest.

e) 80's and beyond- Age gracefully

As an inevitable consequence of ageing, iron deficiency is a common problem. It leads to undesirable health outcomes, including increased susceptibility to depression. Also, there are concerns about the possible adverse effects of iron supplements. Hence, a natural solution can support women in making life a happier experience during the last stage of life.

On this woman's day special, we bring to you Maharishi Ayurveda's Raktda, a natural solution that enhances the body's ability to absorb iron naturally without any side effects. Due to micronized particles, it gets very easy to absorb iron naturally from your daily diet. Raktda supports the need of the body and helps attain a balance that encourages any women to move closer to their goals and make more happen.

Raktda's secret ingredients are exactly what makes a woman strong from within. 

She becomes

Full of energy like Chhuhara 

Strong like Draksha 

Protective like Praval Pishti

Balanced like Amalaki

Relaxed like Giloy Satva

Harmonious  like Tej Patra

She is born with the power to fulfil her dreams

Maharishi Ayurveda  Raktda has the same characteristics as a woman which makes them more stronger!

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