Involve healthy Ayurvedic practices during holidays

November and December, for many of us, are the most occupied months of the year. From office parties and family gatherings to last-minute travel plans and sometimes berserk gift-shopping, the holiday season can often be as stressful and weary but at the end it is cheerful. Ayurveda offers plenty of self-care strategies to help you stay centred and uplifted. As we have entered the season of giving here are a few practices to ensure you’re fostering yourself.

Focus on your dincharya or routine  

If you’re busy rushing to events or going on for a vacation, you might not find enough time to sit and eat and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Ayurveda recommends following daily routine or dincharya in order to stay balanced. Start from waking up early, practicing exercise and massaging with warm oil before the shower. If you’re stuck in between your hectic schedule, still you can stay balanced by following one or two routines from your dincharya list. It will calm down the active Vata dosha and help restore your natural rhythms. Before heading towards your busier road, stick to your nurturing daily routine and sleep well.

Opt for oil massage or spas

Getting whole body massage or visiting spa spots are very important in this frostier Vata season. Even self-massage with warm oil can moisturize your skin, promote better sleep, nourish your mind and body and help your body’s system to eliminate toxins. A warm oil massage before heading out for a busy day can nurture your body.

Practicing Yoga

After running in a holiday marathon and hovering on those sugary desserts, you mustn’t forget to exercise a little. Eventually, you did not have time to hit the gym or sit for a while to meditate, or take walks. But you can probably sneak in a yoga pose or two. Practice yoga asanas that favour slow, methodical movement which can balance cold, dry Vata season. It also helps relieve nervous tensions, massage the joints and muscles and alleviate the accumulation of bloating or gas.

Balancing your diet

To follow a proper healthy diet during the season of rich foods and sugary sweets is very difficult. But the beauty of Ayurveda is you can keep in mind the principles of Ayurveda wherever you are. Start your day with a warm cooked breakfast. Good healthy breakfasts help with your food choices later in the day. There’s a certain level of bliss that comes from eating special treats.

Care for your heart

In Ayurveda, the human heart is considered to be two hearts: the physical heart and the emotional heart. Both require to be taken proper care, and especially when you’re on your holidays. Visit your loved ones, as being with them deeply nourishes your emotional heart. Keep in mind what really matters, spend time together and enjoy those simple moments of connection. A connection is the real gift of the holiday season. Stay blessed, happy, empowered and connected.